Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Disney Magic and Disney Dream Met Up In Nassau

On Tuesday, November 21, the Disney Magic and the Disney Dream were both in Nassau, at the same time!  They were right next to each other, and it looked amazing.  Of course, I wasn't on either of the ships, but I got to watch them!  I've done this before, but here's PTZTV's Tweet about the event.  Click Here 
I was expecting a Horn Battle, and PTZTV was too, apparantly.  But sadly, it wasn't much of a battle.  The Dream was the first to leave, and it blasted its horns as it left.  The people onboard the Dream were probably expecting the Magic to reply, but all it did was sit there like a muted TV.  But there were some horns that I think came from the Magic, but they were boring, generic horns.   They could have been from the Royal Caribbean ship in port, which would make sense because as far as I know, their ships don't have any special horns.

Even if there wasn't a spectacular Horn Battle, it was still cool to watch the Magic leave port right after the Dream.  Also, there's a chance for another Horn Battle.  On November 28, the Wonder and the Dream will be in Nassau together.  The last time we had two Disney Cruise ships in the same place was when the Dream and Fantasy were in Port Canaveral because of hurricanes.  This doesn't happen very often, and when it does, I hope whoever reads this goes to and watches the two ships.  It would be so cool to go on a cruise when there are two Disney ships in port, and someday, I'm (probably) going to go on one!