Thursday, March 15, 2018

Art's a Good Start!

You know it's getting (somewhat) close when this happens.

Recently, Disney released their first artist's rendering of their NEW SHIPS!  Man, I am so excited! The art looks very similar to the Dream and Fantasy, but with some obvious differences.  Probably the most obvious is the sections of the ship that look to bump out. They are probably there to add larger verandahs or larger rooms.  Or, they may be there so the ships can be different from all of the other ships. There's also what seems to be an AquaDuck, which would be amazing, but Disney might add more to it.  Maybe there's two lanes, double the riders, half the wait. Or maybe there will be more sections where it dips down and goes back up. Who knows? Not me.

If you look up above the bridge, you can see at least two more decks of rooms!  This might be where the Concierge rooms are, or just some extra normal rooms.

Also, it seems that they are keeping up with the dual funnel design, adding more space higher up.  What will they use this space for? My guess is a teen or tween club, because this is how they were used on the four previous ships.

I don't see a sports deck, but I'm hoping it's up forward, similar to what they did on the Magic and Wonder.  The Dream and Fantasy's one in aft is still great, but I found it was always windy. You'd think that if it was forward, there'd be even more wind, but this is not the case.  There is a large wind wall, made of glass, that prevents your table tennis game from getting out of hand. The ball is very light, which makes it very difficult to play in the wind.  I also like it better up front because kids can look out in front of the ship. The Dream and Fantasy have an adult only area there, but seriously, adults have the Quiet Cove area and the Cove Café and the bars and the spa and the gym and, oh man, that was a lot.  My point is that KIDS like looking in front of the ship, and it is a great place to take photos for a blog. Of course, I doubt many kids would want to 'waste time' making a blog about Disney Cruise Line, but there are some. Like me. But, the adults are the ones paying, so I'll give them a reason why they should have all these cool areas.

I think the one big thing we NEED is a bigger pool.  Maybe about double the size of Goofy's Pool on the Magic and Wonder.  Also, I've heard some people hoping for a lazy river. This seems more important to adults, so it should loop around the Quiet Cove pool.  I'd also like more waterslides, not just the AquaDuck and a kid sized one. If you've seen what Royal Caribbean does, they have multiple slides that are pretty big.  If you've been on the Magic or Wonder recently, you had to have noticed the Twist 'N Spout slide, but I'd like multiple Twist 'N Spouts. Less wait time, more slide variety, and less crowds would make being at the pool much better, and more enjoyable.

It's really a shame we'll have to wait until 2021 until the first new ship enters service, but Disney will probably give us more details before then.
Well, it looks like that's about it! I think that's about all of the obvious stuff, if you notice I forgot something, please leave a comment letting me know!