Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Disney Wish is Now in North America (and it sounds really cool)!

On June 20th, the Disney Wish sailed into Port Canaveral, Florida for the first time!  I have to say, it looks really nice now that it's finished:


It also looks a lot like the Dream and the Fantasy.  The Wish hasn't started its normal cruises yet, but when it does in July, it'll be going on 3-night and 4-night Bahamian cruises from Port Canaveral, just like the Dream did.  

Speaking of the Dream, Disney recently moved the Dream to Miami, and it's now going on Bahamian cruises from there.  Passengers on the Dream recently got to see the Wish, which was stopped at Castaway Cay:

@happilyeverabby DISNEY WISH HORN BATTLE! #disneycruise #travelagentsuperpowers #castawaycay ♬ original sound - Abby

Did you hear the Wish's versions of the Dream's horns?  They're so much more sophisticated, and they sound really cool!  I thought the Dream's horns were pretty complex, but wow, the Wish makes the Dream's horns sound simple.  

This video also features some of the Wish's horns, and it sounds like the horns in this video are simpler.  I guess whoever's playing the horn can control whether the horn plays the simple version of a song or the more complex version.

In photos or videos of the Wish, you may have seen a Mickey Mouse head shape toward the front of the ship above all the decks (you can see it in the YouTube video's thumbnail).  I think the horns are inside this, and they allow for the intricate horns.

I'm surprised to say this, but I think the improved horn is one of my favorite (or maybe my favorite) new feature the Wish is introducing.  I'm not saying the rest of the ship is boring, but so much of what is "new" on the Wish is almost the same as we've seen on the older ships, but with some changes.  For example, the AquaMouse slide is essentially an AquaDuck but with a Mickey Mouse cartoon that plays in the slide.  Features like this are exciting, yes, but they're also kind of disappointing.  The horns, however, are a feature that blew my expectations out of the water and left me blown away!  I'm not disappointed at all with them, and although the older ships have had musical horns, the Wish's horn is so much better.  So while my feelings about the Wish are somewhat mixed, at least I know the horn will be great.  With the added complexity of the horn, DCL can add more songs that may not have been possible on the Dream or the Fantasy...

We don't know all of the songs the Wish can play on its horn yet, but we should find out soon.  Maybe we'll find out at the Wish's christening ceremony on June 29th!