Saturday, May 20, 2017

Oh No! Disney Fantasy Mechanical Issue!

Earlier this week, the Disney Fantasy left Port Canaveral on a 3-Night cruise with two stops at Castaway Cay.  Yesterday evening, during the second dinner seating, an unexpected mechanical issue made the Fantasy sail slower than the usual full speed.  Normally, the Fantasy arrives at Port Canaveral early in the morning, but later this morning, it sailed in much later than usual.  That's not the craziest part.  It was sailing in with a tugboat assist!  Check out this tweet from PTZtv, the website that provides a live streaming of many ports.  Click here to see.  As of when this post was published, the Fantasy still hasn't left port.  I feel bad for anyone who was on the previous cruise and the ones that are onboard right now.

Here is an email from DCL to guests that should be onboard right now.


We are contacting you with important information related to your sailing today (May 20).
Due to an unexpected mechanical issue, the Disney Fantasy will have a delayed arrival into Port Canaveral today. Once the ship arrives, the onboard Guests will need to complete the debarkation process before boarding can begin for your sailing this afternoon.

As a result of this unexpected delay, we are asking Guests to postpone their arrival to the terminal building by at least 3 hours after your selected port arrival time, but no later than 5:30pm today. We encourage you to enjoy lunch on your own, and we will provide a $25 onboard credit per Guest.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will send updates as needed. For the most up-to-date information, Guests are invited to call 1-866-325-4243.

We appreciate your understanding during this unexpected delay and look forward to welcoming you onboard.
The Cast and Crew
Disney Cruise Line

This is bad news for the guests and Disney Cruise Line.  I have no idea when the Fantasy will leave today.  Luckily, the three other ships are doing well.  In fact, the Magic is on its way to Europe, and the Wonder is heading to Vancouver.  I hope everything turns out well.

If you would like to watch the Fantasy live, follow this link.


  1. Last night, the Fantasy did leave, but it was past 10:00 PM. The itinerary was changed as well as the first night dinner seatings. The Fantasy is now on its way to St. Thomas, but it will not go to Tortola, BVI. Instead, it will go to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  2. I was following all this as well. Did you see the alternate itinerary they proposed? Skipping Tortola and going to San Juan instead. I definitely would have done that. We went to San Juan over spring break and it was fantastic!