Sunday, February 11, 2018

Edge on the Disney Wonder

As you may know, the Wonder had a major dry dock renovation in late 2016.  Many spaces throughout the ship were updated, including Edge, the place for kids too old for the Oceaneer Club and Lab but too young for Vibe.  I fall into that category, and for this post, I did some research about the Pre-2016 Dry Dock Wonder.  It turns out that Edge used to be on Deck 2!  Now, it's on Deck 9, right by the pool deck, which is nice.  It probably attracts more attention, and is much more accessible.  When Edge was down on Deck 2, you'd probably only go down there if your room was there or you were a kid going to Edge.  What's weird is that my family's two rooms were on Deck 2, and it would've been really nice to not have to walk up a ton of stairs to get to Edge, but I have some ideas of why it moved.  Maybe there is more space on Deck 9.  Maybe Deck 2 made kids claustrophobic (it's just an idea...).  Maybe it got loud at night, when some people were trying to sleep.  No, wait.  It DID get loud at night when people were trying to sleep.

But why?  You may think that at night kids are calm and tired, but no, that is not the case on a Disney Cruise.  I actually think the kids got more hyper and crazy at night.  I kept thinking that whoever was sleeping below Edge on Deck 8 wasn't sleeping at all.  They were just lying awake, slowly getting crazier every time a kid jumped or fell or screamed when playing a game.  Yeah, I had a good time there.

On the past 3 cruises that I've been on, I've been in the Edge age range, but also the Oceaneer Club and Lab age range.  Even though I could go to the Club and Lab, I chose not to.  I prefer Edge, where I could be around kids closer to my age, and not be surrounded by a ton of younger kids.

Also, I felt like I had a lot more freedom at Edge.  There's an open door policy, where kids can come and go whenever they feel like it.  Kids can stay at Edge for a while, go get food, eat it and come back easily.  This was also nice when I felt like going to the Sports Deck with a friend or going to get the 20th ice cream cone of the day.  Whenever parents drop their kids off at the Club or Lab, they need to scan their Oceaneer Band to check in.  Kids also scan it when they leave.  Edge has nothing like this.  The first time you go, you have to check in by telling a counselor your name and date of birth, and then you'll get a small sticker for your Key to the World card, which is proof that you are allowed in Edge.  Every so often, the counselors check for everyone's sticker, and if someone doesn't have one, they will be politely asked to leave.  The only exception is during an open house, when anyone can come in.  I always thought of them as the most boring part of the day, because there were parents everywhere, and no special activities going on.

Edge also felt like a time without any of my siblings, because my older brother was at Vibe, and my younger brother and sister were at the Oceaneer Club and Lab.  There was nobody to annoy me or pester me to do something.  I'm really kind of sad that my younger brother will be at Edge on our next cruise...

Well, I've talked a lot about Edge, but I should probably talk about Edge.  The Wonder's Edge is more or less the same as the Magic's, but completely different from the Dream and Fantasy's.  The Wonder's has a unique submarine feel, with fake pipes and wheels everywhere.  There's also fake porthole screens, where you can see Finding Nemo characters swim by every so often.  It's very similar to the Dream and Fantasy's Animator's Palate, just without Crush, the talking turtle dude.  There's also black and white photos of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.  Small details that make you remember where you are.  In the center of it all is a giant TV, that plays movies and occasional video games.  Surrounding it are 3 more TVs, creatively labeled Forward, Midship, and Aft.  There are Xbox and Wii U consoles near them, which are a highlight of the space.  The Magic's version has a few extra walls dividing the 3 TVs, but they aren't there on the Wonder.  It feels more open and less crowded.  I can't decide if I like the Wonder's or the Dream's better.

The thing that surprised me the most is that I didn't take any photos of Edge!  I don't know how I forgot, I just must have been having too much fun...

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