Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Wonder's September Dry Dock

Well, this is surprising.  I was wandering the internet, and I found this Disney Parks Blog post.  Forget about the Dream's dry dock, this one is scheduled for September of this year.  It won't be as major as the Wonder's dry dock a few years ago, but it will make some changes the Magic already has.

The most notable change is the addition of the French Quarter Lounge.  This bar will go along nicely with the already-existing Tiana's Place restaurant.  It is to be themed after The Princess and the Frog, just like the restaurant.  It's supposed to emulate being outside in New Orleans, except, you know, it's inside.  It's interesting how this will be added right before the Wonder is scheduled to go to New Orleans.

Another change is to the adult areas, specifically the Cove Café and Signals, the Quiet Cove bar.  Being a kid, I don't really care about these changes, but I'll cover them for the adults out there.  The Café will be redecorated to look like a local coffee shop with a relaxed atmosphere.  Signals will be themed similarly.  I'm think the Café might be changed to look like the Magic's version, which was recently updated.

Also, Vibe will be changed.  It is currently themed like an urban rec room, with brick walls and comfortable furniture.  The article describes it to be like the Magic's Vibe, themed with industrial metal and concrete.  It's much more modern looking than the previous version, and I think the newer design is more suiting for teens.  Also, the article says that virtual reality will be added to Vibe, which sounds fun and interesting.

While this isn't confirmed, I'm hoping Disney finally adds Pinocchio's Pool, I spent my whole last cruise looking for it but I couldn't find it.
Where is it? Come on Disney, please fix this sign.
These changes will be onboard the Wonder starting on September 30th.  For more information, read the Disney Parks Blog post linked at the top of the page..


  1. LOL! I gave up looking for Pinocchio's pool, too!! Great post! I look forward to the new changes on the Wonder!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing these changes in January! We really like that they keep looking to make the experience better for everyone.