Monday, April 6, 2020

38 Wonder Crew Members Tested Positive For the Coronavirus

I bet they wish they were on the Magic, Dream or Fantasy right now...
According to, anonymous crew members on the Wonder have reported that 38 crew members on the ship have tested positive for the coronavirus.  This news comes around a week after a few passengers and two crew members tested positive for it.  Nobody on the Magic, Dream, or Fantasy has gotten the virus yet, and hopefully it'll stay that way, as no one has gotten on or off the ships.

Here's my theory on how 38 crew members got the virus:  A passenger unknowingly had the virus on the recent 14-night cruise, then a crew member contracted it from that passenger, and other crew members contracted it from the first sick crew member, spreading the virus further.  For health and safety reasons, the crew (except for the sick) is not allowed to get off the Wonder.

Since everybody is in close proximity on a cruise ship, it is easier for sicknesses and viruses, including COVID-19, to spread.  The ship's crew lives in very small rooms, and multiple people share a room.  On the Wonder in 2019, I got to peek inside a crew room by looking through a window in a door in the Deck 2 Midship elevator lobby, and it was tiny.  With so many people in such a small area, there isn't much room for social distancing.  To solve this problem, I think some of the crew members are currently using guest rooms to keep their distance from others.  Besides being larger and more spread out than the crew rooms, the guest rooms have really comfy beds, so that's an added bonus.  Whoever gets to stay in the Walt Disney Suite or Roy Disney Suite is in for a treat!

I really hope the coronavirus doesn't spread further on the Wonder and that nobody gets it on the other three ships.  Also, I'd like to thank my grandmother for sending me the news article about the Wonder, I probably wouldn't have found out about this so quickly without you!

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