Sunday, August 23, 2020

I Watched Someone Ride the AquaDuck at Home and It Was Great

Today, while searching for something to blog about, I found a cool video uploaded by the official Disney Parks YouTube channel.
For maximum immersion, pour water on 
yourself and rock from side to side while watching.
It's a video of a ride on the Dream's AquaDuck!  Disney tried to trick me by opening with a shot of the Fantasy, but I've been on the AquaDuck enough to tell the two ships' versions apart.  On the Dream, the tube in the final section of the slide (at the 1:11 mark in the video above) is white.  However, on the Fantasy, this section of the tube is blue because of the AquaLab, which is a water feature that the Dream doesn't have.  Nice try, Disney, but you didn't fool me.

Anyway, in addition to the slide, the video includes facts about the slide.  Did you know the AquaDuck is 765 feet long?  And did you know it uses roughly 10,000 gallons of water every minute?  I didn't.  I always knew it uses a lot of water, but I never realized just how much it uses.  This means that after an hour of AquaDuck usage, it uses around 600,000 gallons of water!  The AquaDuck is my favorite feature of the Dream and Fantasy, so I'm really happy this was uploaded.

Talking about the AquaDuck got me thinking.  How can the Wish improve on this already great slide?  Well, let's consider what problems the AquaDuck has.  If someone gets stuck in the slide, it feels like an eternity until the line starts to move again.  To solve this problem, Disney's Imagineers could make the new version stuck-proof.  By examining where people get stuck most frequently (I'm assuming the two dips on the port side) and why they get stuck (probably from having insufficient weight), designers could eliminate riders getting stuck, or at least greatly reduce the amount of times it happens.  Also, lines for the AquaDuck can get pretty long, especially on days at sea.  A reasonable way to solve this would be to add alternatives to it, for example, smaller water slides like the Twist n' spout and Mickey's Slide.  They could even have an AquaDunk in addition to the AquaDunk if they wanted to go all out.  I just wish Disney would announce more about the Wish, because the anticipation of all of the possibilities is killing me!

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