Saturday, September 12, 2020

Why Did Disney Unlist the Wish's Name Announcement Video?

In last week's post about the Wish, I included the video from August 2019 that announced its name.  If you haven't seen it, here it is:

While getting the video, I noticed that the video had been unlisted for some reason.  Unlisting a YouTube video means that it won't appear in any searches.  So, to watch it, you need the video's exact URL.  If someone unlists a video, then they probably want to limit the amount of people that watch it.  

I don't know when the video was unlisted.  Most of the recent comments on it are from about eleven months ago, so it might have been unlisted around September to October of 2019.  The video was probably only publicly available for a few months at most, which is very unusual for a video from a company as large as Disney.  It gets weirder.  This video is still featured on the Disney Parks Blog post about the announcement, so Disney hasn't completely denied its existence.  So, if it's still around in that post, then why did Disney bother unlisting it?

It definitely wasn't unlisted because of the Wish getting delayed.  The Wish got delayed earlier this week, but this video may have been unlisted for almost a year. 

It's possible that it was accidentally unlisted.  Everyone makes mistakes, even Disney.  Remember Pinocchio's Pool?  It seems unlikely that this was an accident, though, because there are multiple steps to unlisting a video.  It's pretty hard to do it unknowingly.

Another potential reason is if there was an error in the video.  Nothing seems to be wrong with it, except for the fact that there are fireworks being set off and the sun hasn't set completely!  This false advertising could be why it was unlisted, though it's a bit of a stretch.  Also, why is there a dark section directly above where it should say 'Disney Wish' on the stern?  I doubt this is an error, because there's nothing like this on the Dream or Fantasy, and it could be a new feature!  Of course, this section could just be the ship model and mean absolutely nothing.  Maybe Disney unlisted the video because they didn't want me speculating about this mysterious dark section.

Back on course, a probable reason for why it was unlisted is because there may be a new announcement coming.  I'm talking about a positive announcement, not like Friday's news about the Wish getting delayed.  Anyway, the Wish's name announcement video was posted on August 25th, 2019.  The Wish was going to enter service in January 2022, until it got delayed.  This means that there was a gap of roughly two years and four months between when the video was posted and when the Wish was going to start cruises (before the delay).  It is unknown if the sixth ship has also been affected by the pandemic, but if it hasn't, it'll probably be completed in late 2022 and start cruises at the very end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.  If Disney wants to keep the same window of time between the name announcements and the originally-scheduled launches, why hasn't the sixth ship's name been announced?  

If the sixth ship's name gets announced, the Wish's name video is called "First Look at the Next Disney Cruise Line Ship".  This title doesn't say it's for the Wish, so if a new name announcement video is posted, this video could cause confusion between the two.  This is nothing a simple rename can't fix, Disney didn't have to unlist the video.

This is possible, but since the video was probably unlisted around eleven months ago, and nothing has been announced since then, why'd Disney unlist it?  And if they're going to reveal something in the near future, why'd they take it down so early?  Of course, Disney could just wait until the Wish launches to reveal the sixth ship's name.  It's understandable, as they might not want us to explode by knowing two future ship names at a time.  But, if they're going to wait until January 2022, then why'd they unlist the video?  Also, if there is news about the sixth ship coming, why did they unlist this video?  It would've been easier to rename it.  Maybe it really was just a mistake.  

Really, I see no valid reason why the video was unlisted.  Before I go crazy trying to figure out why they did it, I should just end with "I don't know".

Oh cool, this is my 50th post of this year!  It's kind of funny, I've posted more this year than every other year I've had this blog combined.  I'm really glad I decided to post at least once a week this year, because 2020 has been an unusual and newsworthy year for DCL.  Speaking of news, be on the lookout for an announcement about how long the Wish has been delayed and another about an extension of the suspension.

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