Monday, January 18, 2021

Which Funnel Is It?


Last week, the YouTube channel Ems -Dollart Media uploaded the above video, giving people a first look at of one of the Wish's funnels.  This was one of the most exciting construction updates we've had so far, but the rest of the Wish isn't ready for this to be installed yet.  Unfortunately, the video only gives us a look at one side of the funnel, so the information I can pull from it is limited.  Working with what we have, let's try to figure out which of the Wish's funnels this is.

On the funnel, the Disney Cruise Line logo is easily identifiable.  Also, here are rectangular holes at the bottom of the funnel, so doors will probably go there.  The top round section, which is normally black, will be added to this funnel later.  On the front of the funnel, there's something.  At first, I thought this would be part of the deck and nobody would see it, but it won't.  Take a look at one of the Dream's funnels:
See the white horizontal bars?  They don't go all the way down to the deck, so the thing sticking out of the front of the Wish's funnel won't be part of the deck.  The front section also has rectangular gaps, which are probably for doors.  Since there are door frames, this area probably won't be for a water slide or a pool deck feature for guests.  I'm really interested to see what this weird section becomes, since there's nothing like it on any of the existing funnels.

Enough about strange areas with door frames.  If you look back at the photo of the Dream's Aft (functional) funnel, there is a staircase on the port side of the funnel that leads to the AquaDuck.  The artist's rendering of the Wish has an AquaDuck, and since it's so popular on the Dream and Fantasy, I'm sure there will be an upgraded version of it on the Wish.  If the funnel in the video is the Wish's Aft funnel, it's probably where the new AquaDuck will start from, so the staircase will be added eventually.  On the Dream and Fantasy, the staircase goes through the Disney Cruise Line logo on the port side, and the video is of the port side of one of the Wish's funnels, but there's no hole in the logo.  The Wish could have the AquaDuck entrance on the starboard side, so there may be a hole on the other side.  Or, the hole could be added in later.  Maybe the staircase will be completely inside the funnel so there won't even be a hole in the logo.  

Further evidence that this is the Aft funnel is inside the funnel.  Take a look at the top left corner of the video.  There's a platform inside!  This could be part of the staircase and line for the AquaDuck.

While there is a lot of proof that the funnel in the video is the Aft funnel, it could also be the Forward funnel.  The doors on the sides could lead to the Midship elevator lobby.  Assuming that the doors on the bottom are on Deck 12, it looks like there's enough room for two more decks, 13 and 14.  There probably won't be more than 14 guest decks because the Wish will only be a little larger than the Dream and Fantasy.  The platform inside that I mentioned earlier could be temporary and only there until the actual decks have been built.  If this is the Forward funnel, glass will be added when the real decks get built.  Also, on the Dream and Fantasy, the AquaDuck goes through the Forward funnel, but this funnel doesn't have any AquaDuck-shaped holes in it.  If the Wish's upgraded AquaDuck runs through the Forward funnel, holes will be added in the future.

On the four current ships, Funnel Vision is on the back of the Forward funnel.  On the Dream and Fantasy, it's toward the bottom of the funnel:
Since the video doesn't show the back of the funnel, it's impossible to tell if Funnel Vision can go there.  I think there'll be more videos of this funnel in the future, and hopefully they show it from other angles.  

As of now, I don't know which funnel it is.  It could be either one.  While writing this post, it was easier for me to find reasons why this funnel is the Aft funnel, so that seems more likely.  But again, this video only showed part of the funnel.  If I could just see the back and other side of the funnel, maybe I'd be able to figure out which one it is.  If you have any ideas on which funnel this is, feel free to leave a comment.  The DCL ships only have two funnels, so if you guess one randomly, you have a 50% chance of being correct!

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