Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Disney Extended the Deadline to Use the 125% Future Cruise Credit

Yesterday, February 23rd, Disney announced that they have extended the 125% future cruise credit given to guests who had their cruises canceled from May 31st, 2022 to September 30th, 2022.  They made this announcement in an email.  Take a look:

Here's what the email says:

"Reservation #: 12345678

Dear DCLKid,

All of us at Disney Cruise Line hope you and your family are staying well. We are reaching out with important information about the cruise credit you were previously provided.

When your sailing was cancelled due to the pandemic, you were offered the choice of either a future cruise credit* equal to 125% of your original voyage fare or a full refund. We are now extending the use of your future cruise credit from sailings commencing prior to May 31, 2022 to sailings that depart by September 30, 2022.

Your credit has automatically been updated. If you have not done so already, you may place a reservation on hold by applying it as a payment option when booking a new reservation online. Once your modified reservation is paid in full, any remaining future cruise credit will be applied to your shipboard account as a non-refundable onboard credit.

If you prefer to speak to someone directly, please contact a member of our reservation team at 1-866-325-6685 or 407-566-7797. Sailings are currently available through the spring 2022 with additional eligible sailings to be released at a later date. 

We appreciate the planning that goes into a cruise vacation and hope you enjoy this additional time to travel. We look forward to welcoming you aboard as soon as we can and making magic for you and your loved ones.


Cast & Crew 
Disney Cruise Line

*The Future Cruise Credit is equal to 125% of your original voyage fare plus the cost of the Vacation Protection Plan, if applicable. The FCC is only valid for sailings commencing on or before September 30, 2022. Select Disney Wish block-out dates apply. Your original reservation must be paid in full to be eligible for the FCC. The FCC is applied per person and is non-transferable, non-refundable and has no cash value. Standard prevailing rates apply and Guests are responsible for any balance due after the FCC has been applied. If you end up not being able to use the FCC, you will be eligible for a refund up to the amount of your original voyage fare plus the cost of the Vacation Protection Plan, if applicable. Standard cancellation policies and terms and conditions apply to future sailings. Guests who previously received a FCC are not eligible for an additional FCC."

According to the email, before this extension, the future cruise credit (FCC) had to have been used on a cruise that starts before May 31st, 2022.  This deadline has now been extended to September 30th, 2022.  This means that there are many new options for people to use their FCC on, none of which have been announced yet.  I was thinking that Disney would extend the FCC use deadline, but wouldn't it have made more sense to announce this at the same time as the summer 2022 cruises, cruises that this announcement affects?  It just says, "Sailings are currently available through the spring 2022 with additional eligible sailings to be released at a later date."  I think these additional eligible sailings will be announced very soon, since the summer 2021 cruises were announced around this time in 2020.  

When Disney announces those summer 2022 itineraries, they'll also announce cruises on the Wish, which is scheduled to begin cruising then.  Disney knows this, and "select Disney Wish block-out dates apply".  They're going to not allow people to use the 125% FCC on some Wish cruises.  Fortunately, it  doesn't say all of them.  They'll probably block out the Wish's maiden voyage and the first few cruises so they don't fill up almost instantly, but not all of the summer 2022 Wish cruises.  This is good news!  Disney could've said, "No, I don't want you using your FCC on the Wish" and blocked out all summer 2022 Wish cruises, but they didn't!  If people use their 125% FCC, they'll have an easier time going on some cruises on the Wish, cruises that will probably be more expensive than cruises on the other four ships.  

Disney didn't say which Wish cruises would be blocked out because they haven't announced them yet.  The Wish's first itineraries will likely be announced at the same time as the other four ships' summer 2022 itineraries.  When the announcement is made, Disney will also probably reveal more information about the Wish, because if people know more about its features, more people will want to cruise on it.  The announcement could come any day now, even later today!  To be prepared for it, you can sign up for email alerts about the Wish on the Wish's website.  If you do, you'll get an email when Disney announces something related to the Wish, like its first itineraries.  There should be a lot of information released relatively soon, since the Wish is coming next year!  The wait is almost over!

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