Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Oh No, the Wish Is Going Under the Sea

Back in April's Once Upon a Disney Wish presentation, it was announced that Aladdin:  A Musical Spectacular will be one of the Wish's at launch.  In addition to this, the presentation mentioned "two original shows that are currently being developed for the Disney Wish."  We hadn't heard anything about those "two original shows," but that changed yesterday.

Released yesterday, a Disney Parks Blog post revealed those two other original shows.  They are Seas the Adventure and The Little Mermaid.  Seas the Adventure, the show on the first night of every Wish cruise, looks like fun.  Goofy is the main character, and the show takes him "on a journey to discover his own inner captain."  Well, he won't have his own sports deck on the Wish, but at least he's the protagonist of a live show.  At the end of the show, the characters will lead the guests out into the Grand Hall, which is a cool way of allowing guests to interact with the characters while simultaneously getting them out of the Walt Disney Theatre.

The Wish's version of The Little Mermaid is likely going to be very popular.  At first glance, it sounds like a great idea.  It's a retelling of the movie of the same name, told by a group of storytellers who find a special treasure chest.  Since this is a musical on a cruise ship, this opens up so many possible jokes about the story taking place "under the sea."  This is great, but my biggest question is, "Why?"  Why is this on the Wish?  If only there was another DCL ship with many more references to The Little Mermaid than the Wish that would be a much better fit for this show.

Hey look, it's the Wonder!  The second DCL ship has a lot of The Little Mermaid theming, like the Ariel atrium statue and Triton's, one of the rotational restaurants.  Aside from these, the artwork behind Guest Services, the mural visible from the Midship elevators, and even some of the lights are themed after The Little Mermaid.  Wouldn't The Little Mermaid musical fit perfectly on the Wonder?

If it did come to the Wonder, The Little Mermaid would likely take the place of another live show.  I know the perfect one to get rid of:  Frozen:  A Musical Spectacular!  Time to let it go, Disney.  

Let it go to the WishFrozen would work much better on the Wish.  One of the Wish's rotational restaurants is Arendelle:  A Frozen Dining Adventure.  This restaurant is actually a "theatrical dining experience" that takes place after the events of Frozen II.  The restaurant's story will be completely different from Frozen:  A Musical Spectacular, so it's not like the Wish's guests will be overloaded with retellings of the first Frozen movie.

Disney's not going to abandon all plans of releasing The Little Mermaid on the Wish and instead release it on the Wonder, but could they bring it to the Wonder eventually?  Yes, but if that does happen, it wouldn't happen for a while.  Disney can't have a 22 year-old ship stealing a brand new ship's thunder!  

I'm interested in watching both of these live shows and seeing how well the Wish's new Walt Disney Theatre works for shows.  This may sound cold, but the theatre would be so much better with Frozen!


  1. Very interesting perspective. I agree they will not make any changes at this point as they want the new ship to have as much attention as posible!

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