Monday, January 31, 2022

The Problems With Pixar Day at Sea

Earlier this month, Disney Cruise Line announced their next type of special themed days, Pixar Day at Sea.  These days are coming to the Disney Fantasy at the beginning of 2023.  DCL hasn't announced everything about Pixar Days yet, but they appear to be similar to the existing Star Wars Days and Marvel Days, with Pixar character appearances, Pixar-themed activities, and a special night deck show.

Sounds like fun, right?  I think so, but not everything about Pixar Day is good news.  Pixar Days at Sea will be on the Fantasy in early 2023, the time of year when Star Wars Days at Sea normally happen.  Both Pixar Day and Star Wars Day are on the Fantasy, so what does this mean for the future of Star Wars Day at Sea?  Is Pixar Day at Sea replacing it?

Let's take a look.  DCL still has the option to search for Star Wars Day cruises on their website, but when you search for it, the only cruises that appear are those happening this year, before the introduction of Pixar Day at Sea.  There are a few options of what DCL could do with Star Wars Day at Sea:  Move it or get rid of it.

We'll start with moving Star Wars Day.  Maybe DCL is going to keep it on the Fantasy but move it to a different time of year.  This would be convenient, as the Fantasy already has the special Star Wars hornsMoving Star Wars Day's time is possible, but isn't the point of the themed sea days to get more people to sail at less-popular times of year (like the beginning of the year, when Star Wars Day currently is)?  

Alternatively, Star Wars Day could keep its existing time of year but be moved to a different ship.  It probably wouldn't go to the Wish, since it'll only do short cruises (some without a day at sea).  Also, DCL is not going to have any problem with getting people to sail on their new ship.  It wouldn't be moved to the Dream, since Marvel Day is moving to it.  I also doubt it's going to the Magic, since it'll be doing a wide variety of itineraries that don't really need the added spice of a special day at sea.  What about the Wonder?  Like the Magic, it'll be going on a variety of itineraries, like Alaskan cruises and Baja cruises.  A lot of these are short, and there isn't enough time on those cruises for a special sea day.

If Star Wars Day at Sea does move, maybe the move won't be immediate.  Star Wars Day at Sea could take a hiatus and skip a few years.  Once the sixth and seventh ships enter the fleet, I don't know what the ships will do, so maybe Star Wars Day at Sea will take a break until then.

While it seems possible, getting rid of Star Wars Day at Sea and replacing it with Pixar Day at Sea would be disappointing.  I really like Pixar movies, and I know I would enjoy a Pixar Day, but a Star Wars Day just sounds so much better.  To make things worse, doing that would be a complete break of the promise that Woody made in the original Toy Story: "No one's getting replaced." Well, at least the promise lasted 26 years.

Let's move on to the other problem with Pixar Day at Sea.  It's Pixar.  While Star Wars and Marvel are very distinct from traditional Disney, the line between normal Disney and Pixar is more blurred.  Here's an example:  When you think of Cars, do you think of it as a Disney movie or a Pixar movie?  If you're like me, Cars is more of a Disney movie than a Pixar movie.  Lightning McQueen is more of a Disney character than a Pixar character.  The same goes for other Pixar movies, like Toy Story.  To me, these are Disney movies, not Pixar movies.  There isn't a huge difference between Pixar and Disney.  What's more, Disney has even made movies set in a Pixar universe:  The two Planes movies are in the Cars universe.  To a casual, everyday Disney fan, is Pixar different enough from normal Disney to make a Pixar Day at Sea different enough from a normal day at sea?   

As I said, not a ton has been announced about Pixar Day at Sea, so I'm sure we'll learn more soon.  If it does end up replacing Star Wars Day at Sea, I might have to scream like Mike Wazowski does when he gets hurt.  

What do you think about Pixar Day at Sea?  Should it replace Star Wars Day?  Leave a comment if you want!

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