Sunday, April 15, 2018

Disney Wonder Now on the US's West Coast

What?  Already?

Yes.  Already.
The Wonder on the East Coast

On Friday, April 13th, the Disney Wonder made its way through the Panama Canal on a 14-night cruise.  I feel like it's going out west earlier than previous years, but I may be wrong.  The highlight of cruises on the west coast are the Alaskan cruises, but the Wonder doesn't go that far north yet.  It will stay closer to Mexico and do a few cruises from San Diego.  The California cruises aren't too long, with a few that are too short.  That includes the 2-Night Baja cruises.  2 nights.  The first night, you board the ship and unpack, the second night, you pack your suitcases!  The first dinner is the 'Welcome Aboard" one, and the second one is the "Sea You Real Soon!" one.  I think that cruise would be a waste of time.  I'd much rather pay more for a 3rd night, so that I'd have a day to not worry about unpacking or packing.  After the Wonder finishes these cruises, it will go north to Alaska, cruise from there, and go back to California.  Then, it will go back through the canal in October, and then go all over the Caribbean.  Finally, in February 2019, it will go through the canal again!  I thought April was early, but February...  Wow.


  1. We love the Wonder, but I agree, a two night cruise is really short. Our favorite cruise on the Wonder was our first cruise to Alaska, which was seven days long. I don't remember, have you all been to Alaska? If not, I definitely recommend it.

    1. No, we haven't been to Alaska. But I have an uncle who went to Alaska and saw the Wonder, if that counts...