Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Cap-Tivating Souvineir

When my family and I went on the Disney Wonder earlier this year, I wanted something to remember the trip.  On one of the later days in the trip, I saw a kid wearing a hat with autographs from various Disney characters.  That gave me an idea.  Later that day, I went to White Caps, and bought a...

White cap!!

The hat didn't come with Mickey's autograph, I had to work for that.  I checked the schedule, found when Mickey would be out, and went to where he'd be.  There was already a line.  I waited, until it was finally my turn.  I asked the photographer if I could get my hat signed, and she gave it to Mickey Mouse to sign.  She took a picture, and I left, excited to show off my latest piece of Disney Cruise Line merchandise.

If you ever want a hat like this, they are on any of the 4 Disney cruise ships.  Probably.  The selection changes every so often.  This hat cost $25, and I think it was worth it.  Who doesn't want a hat signed by Mickey Mouse?

Also, at the time of publishing, this blog has been around for over a year now!  It has been a great experience, and I really like getting reader feedback.  Your input helps me make this blog better!

Finally, I just want to give a shout out to the kid who gave me the idea for the hat, whoever he is...


  1. Great puns in this post, DCLKid. That is a really nice looking hat. I am thinking about getting a DCL hat on my next cruise...I hope they still have that style when I go!!

  2. I really like your hat, that's a unique souvenir for sure!

    I usually try to collect a new Tervis on our trips, but I'm running out of unique ones. Have you ever done a Halloween on the High Seas cruise? I'm wondering what kind of unique items they have on those cruises.

  3. That gives me a great idea.�� On my next DLC I think I’ll get a hat and see if I can get Minnie Mouse to sign it!

  4. I like your style and idea. You may have started a fashion trend. I think I’d look sharp in an autographed hat from DCL too. I like the white but do they have other colors?