Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

Earlier this year, Disney completely changed their Disney Cruise Line Navigator app in an update.  It completely redid the look,
I like the old version better, it actually looks like a Disney app.
While the new version is great, it doesn't look much like a Disney app.  It feels more like a generic countdown app.  The new version updated the onboard deck plans, improved chat, and enhanced overall performance.  I haven't been able to try it on a cruise, but I hope the chat is better.  It wasn't very reliable, because you were supposed to keep the app running to receive messages.  Even with the app open, sometimes messages took a long time to send.  Occasionally, they didn't even send!  Let's hope they fixed that issue.

Some more screenshots from the app:

Even with this issue, the app is still really helpful to have.  I used it to check character appearances, look at the dinner menu (at breakfast), to check daily activities, and other things.  It's basically a Personal Navigator on your phone.  It's nice not to have to carry a big flier around with you wherever you go.  They definitely didn't have this in 1998.
Oh wait, they might have.

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  1. The old app's countdown was definitely more fun than the new one. It's always good to have something to countdown to!!
    I'm glad I read to the end to see your 1998 comment. Nice phone!! I used to have one like that!!!