Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The NEW Disney Cruise Line Navigator App!

Yesterday, an update was made available for the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app for Android and iOS.  This update changed a lot and even fixed the countdown!!  Take a look:
They made it good again!  If you update the app, the little Disney Cruise ship moves around the bottom of the screen.  Also, the zeros are now Disney characters!  But I'm wondering (pun not intended) why they had that old version.
You know, the bad version:
I've narrowed down the possibilities.  The old version might have been a filler for the countdown while they made the new one.  But if that's true, then why didn't Disney just keep the good old one:
The other possibility is that the bad old version was going to be the current version.  At least, until the developers read some of the app reviews.  Bland.  Un-Disney.  Where's the magic?  Since Disney Cruises are amazing, magical vacations, why shouldn't the app look amazing and magical?  Hmm...

I'm actually kind of surprised.  I like the new look of the app the most.  It's colorful, fun, and entertaining to see what characters make the zeros.  I was also surprised that when I opened the app after updating, there was a completely different look.  The app's update notes only said "...we've added more magic to our introduction screens and made it even easier to access the dinner menus..."  After reading this, I was thinking, "Oh great, I need to access the dinner menus.  Great.  BUT WHAT ABOUT THE COUNTDOWN?"  Lucky for all those people getting on a cruise this week, they can access the dinner menu with ease.  Oh yeah, and the app looks totally different.  No way, the dinner menus are way more important

Here are some more app screenshots:

My only complaint with the app is that to swipe to the different pages of the app, you can't swipe near the cruise ship, you have to do it higher up.  It's not a big problem, but it might some time to get used to.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the new app, and I hope that it doesn't get ruined like the last one.  Hopefully Disney learned from their mistakes and won't do it again.  But if they do...  I'll write them a 5 paragraph review on why they should have kept the old version the same.  Let's just hope they don't change it.

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  1. Well said DCL kid. I also like the new app and find it fun and very colorful!