Saturday, March 2, 2019

I've Gotta Hand it to Them...

I am so glad I took this picture.

I'm not really sure why there's a big gap here, just blame the Blogger website.
When I was on the Wonder in January, I saw this strange inflatable glove on the pool deck stage.  This picture was taken late at night, when the pools were closed and not many people were around.  At the time I had no idea of what this glove was for, but I figured it out!

It turns out that this glove is used for the Wonder's new sail away party, Mickey's Sail-A-Wave Party.  This new deck party replaced the older Adventures Away party a few weeks after the cruise I was on.  But why was the glove on deck?  My theory is that the performers were using it to practice the show before it officially started.  Night was the only time that the pool deck wasn't crowded, so it would be the best time to rehearse.
Here is a great video I found of the new party.  According to the poster's comments, the passengers on this cruise got to see the Magic!  That would have been really cool to see.  Interestingly, the glove shoots steam!  The crew might have been testing the glove's steam-shooting mechanics and making sure they worked right.  I regret not sticking around the pool deck and seeing if the glove did anything, but if I had known that it was for a new deck party, I definitely would have stayed.

I won't have to wait longer for more information about this deck party because my grandparents will be going on the Wonder in less than two weeks!

I still have to wait 321 days for my next one though...

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  1. I wonder if you will need to log in while onboard. That will make this app much less usable. I am concerned the experience on Disney is going down while their prices continue to go UP!!