Sunday, May 19, 2019

Complaining About the New DCL App

The other day, I noticed an update for the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, and being the DCLKid, I downloaded it immediately.  The update's patch notes looked promising:
I was surprised to see that the app got this many new features.  However, it was too good to be true.  I imagined it to be like the reservation pages on the Disney Cruise Line website, where you can see information regarding your upcoming cruise.  It is, but there's a catch.

Upon opening the app, it shows some new information screens:

'This is interesting!' I thought.  Everything was fine until I got to the last screen.  Where'd the countdown go?  I need to log in?  To log in, you need a Disney account.  If you don't have one, the app is useless.

Great.  I created a Disney account and logged in.
Awesome, I just created an absolutely useless account!  My upcoming cruise is saved to my parents' account, so my account is pointless.

This new version gave me so many questions.  Why can't there just be a countdown on the main, logged-out screen?  Will you have to be logged in while you're on a cruise for the app to work?  They don't hand out paper Navigators anymore.  If you do have to be logged in, will your account have to have a paid room to work?  What about kids?  Their parents pay for the cruise.  Can you log in with the same account on multiple apps?  Will you have to log in every single time you open the app?

And here's the biggest question:

Actually, I'll keep it around to see if Disney's app developers decide to improve the app.  I hope they fix it before my cruise.  I don't even know how many days there are until it because of the app 'improvements'.

I'm sure many people will find this new version very useful, convenient, and simple.  But for others, the app just screams, "Delete me!"

If you haven't updated and don't want to deal with the annoying new app, be sure to not update.  Enjoy the countdown while you still can!


  1. It's been a while since I've written anything, but nothing super exciting has happened involving Disney Cruise Line. I'll do more interesting posts soon, and summer is almost here! With school out of the way (for a little bit), I'll be able to focus on writing here.

  2. While I like the ability to see all my cruise information, I don't understand why they would take away the countdown for general use. Moving it behind the sign in just takes away the ability for family members to use it for the countdown.