Sunday, February 23, 2020

The AbDUCKtion of Quacks

In January 2019, I went on a Southern Caribbean cruise on the Wonder.  While on it, I noticed that the poolside store, Quacks, was never open.  Quacks is a large, two sectioned column that slides open and sells pool essentials like sunscreen.
I thought the reason for Quacks never being open was that people rarely bought anything from it, and that it wouldn't be productive to have a shop attendant inside.  All of the items sold at Quacks were also available at the main shops down on deck 4, and people could just buy what they need there.  I assumed Quacks would be taken out during the Wonder's next dry dock, which was in September 2019.  If anybody reading this has been on the Wonder since then, is Quacks still around?

On my cruise on the Fantasy in January, I noticed that Quacks was gone!  AbDUCKted!  It must have been removed in the Fantasy's dry dock in the middle of 2017.  Now that I think about it, Quacks wasn't on the Dream either.  

On the Dream-Class ships, Quacks was pointless.  Whozits and Whatzits is a shop on deck 11 (the pool deck) in the Midship elevator lobby.  This store sells everything Quacks had, plus clothes, books, and various other items.  It's as convenient as Quacks was, and there was no need for both.

Since the Wonder and Magic don't have Whozits and Whatzits or an equivalent, there is more of a reason to have Quacks.  But what's the point of having something that never gets used?  Since it was removed from the Dream and Fantasy, it nearly confirms that Quacks will be removed in their next dry docks.  The Magic is scheduled to have a dry dock later this year, so we'll see what happens!

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  1. I believe it was there last month but it wasn't ever open. I recall that we even discussed this while on board.