Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Fantasy's Vista Gallery

All four Disney ships have a Vista Gallery, an onboard gallery where art available for purchase is displayed.  The art is fun to look at, but not fun to buy, since almost all of the art is expensive.
During the Fantasy's dry dock a few years ago, the Vista Gallery was moved from Deck 4 to Deck 2 to make space for Tiffany's.  The gallery is now outside of Enchanted Garden, on Deck 2 Midship.  However, it's more of a Vista Hallway now.  There is no longer has a dedicated room for art.  Even with this downside, I think the gallery is better on Deck 2, since people can easily view the art before or after their dinner at Enchanted Garden.  

On my cruise in January, I walked by the Vista Gallery every time I went from my stateroom to the Midship elevator lobby.  On the last night, I noticed that I had taken over 900 photos, and I wanted to reach 1000.  So, I thought of places around the ship that I hadn't taken pictures of, and I remembered the Vista Gallery.  I went down to the gallery at around 11 at night, and luckily nobody was around to get in the way or question why I was taking so many pictures.  I took a photo of every piece of art, but unfortunately some of my pictures came out blurry, so they won't be included in this post.  Also, these pictures don't capture all of the detail of the actual art.  So if you want to get a better, more complete look, you'll have to go on a cruise.  That doesn't sound too bad.

Please enjoy my Virtual Vista Gallery!

When I go on the Fantasy again next year, I'll be sure to get better pictures of the Vista Gallery.  I hope you're excited for the Virtual Vista Gallery (2021 complete edition)!

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