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Star Wars Day at Sea 2020

Since the last Star Wars Day at Sea of 2020 was this past Thursday, I thought it would be a good time to write about it.  My cruise on the Fantasy in January had a Star Wars Day at Sea, and it was probably the best day at sea I've ever had.

A Star Wars Day at Sea is exactly what it sounds like:  A day at sea with Star Wars.  Scheduled character greetings with Star Wars characters like R2-D2, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader are held throughout the day.  Star Wars characters including Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, and Jawas roam the ship.  Star Wars music plays in the hallways.  Announcements are made throughout the day alerting guests to report any rebel sightings to the nearest Stormtrooper.  Star Wars decorations are put up around the ship.  The Fantasy plays Star Wars horns that I sadly missed out on because I was eating lunch at Cabanas.  Star Wars movies play in both theaters.  It's awesome.

The Star Wars festivities started the night before.  Star Wars 101, a show explaining the basics of Star Wars, was held in the Buena Vista Theater.  I knew I wouldn't learn anything new, since I am a big Star Wars fan and I went to it twice on my cruise in 2017.  But I did the logical thing and went anyway.


I went to Star Wars 101 alone the night before Star Wars Day at Sea and again with my grandparents the next morning.  I don't know why I went twice, I guess I just like spending time with my grandparents.
After dinner on the night before, in the atrium, Darth Vader and some Imperial Stormtroopers arrived in their ship that probably landed in Tiffany's.  A similar event was held on the night before the Star Wars Day at Sea on my cruise in 2017.  However, on that cruise, Captain Phasma and her First Order Stormtroopers (from the sequel trilogy) were featured.  I'm assuming Darth Vader decided to invade instead this year because he knows how much more iconic he is.
Deck 4 was a great spot to see the Stormtroopers, which is where I took this photo, one of my favorites from the cruise.  The Stormtroopers walked right past my family and I, asking people to verify their identities.  One approached my grandfather and asked to see his identification.  He showed it to the Stormtrooper, and the Stormtrooper took him away!  My grandfather was escorted to where Darth Vader was waiting, and my family and I just stared in amazement.  There were around 4000 people on the ship and they chose him!  The troopers didn't take any other prisoners, so my grandfather was lucky to go up to Darth Vader but also unlucky because he was taken as their prisoner.  After the event, the Stormtroopers let him go, probably just with a warning.

The next morning, I decided to walk to the atrium and take pictures of Han Solo.  You would think he would question me, but he stood still, like a statue.  I wonder why?
Maybe it was because he was frozen in carbonite.
This replica was surprisingly detailed.  The lights on the side blinked and the number screen changed every few seconds.
This sheet of paper, placed in our stateroom on the night before Star Wars Day, detailed some of the scheduled Star Wars events happening the next day.  Under the Star Wars Day at Sea logo, the paper says, "Disney Cruise Line 2018".  Star Wars Day at Sea 2018 (but in 2020) must only be on the ship with Pinocchio's Pool.  Anyway, a new addition to the day added sometime after 2017 was the Porgs on Board!  Scavenger Hunt.
This scavenger hunt tasked players to hunt for pictures around decks 3, 4, and 5.  At every picture, there was an Aurebesh (the writing system used in Star Wars) letter and a number.  By writing the letters in their corresponding boxes, players would reveal a message.  I found three letters, put my Porg away in my room, and forgot about it.  Like the Midship Detective Agency, I'll just have to finish it another time.  Playing the Porg scavenger hunt made me realize how much fun a Star Wars-themed Midship Detective Agency case would be.  A fourth, possibly more difficult case would be a nice addition to the game.  If the Wish has an upgraded Midship Detective Agency with better technology, a Star Wars case could showcase the capabilities of the new game.  Let's hope that happens!

Another new event during the day was Star Wars at Lightspeed.  Three actors attempted to reenact the original Star Wars trilogy in 20 minutes.  Sounds entertaining, right?  I enjoyed it so much that I went...


I went to the first show to enjoy it with my family.  Then, later, I decided to go again to film it so you can enjoy it!
The kid's menu at dinner was a Chewbacca mask!  There is Aurebesh text below every heading that spells the words above it.  If I remember correctly, this menu design was also used in 2017.

Later that night, the Summon the Force deck party was held on decks 11 and 12.  Similar to what I remember in 2017, characters from across the Star Wars timeline like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Rey, Kylo Ren, R2-D2, and C-3PO got onstage and fought in a huge battle.  I was impressed by the pyrotechnic effects of the blasters, whenever a character fired one, a firework column shot out.  Much like a real Star Wars blaster, I'm sure it would hurt to get hit by that.  

After the battle, the second fireworks show of the cruise started.  Interestingly, the fireworks were shot off the port side.  During the cruise's first fireworks show, they were off the starboard side.  Also, in past cruises, the fireworks were always off the starboard side.  My dad and I found a great spot on the starboard side only to find out that the fireworks were off the port side.  I'm guessing this change was a result of wind or weather conditions, which Disney can't control because they don't own the weather...yet.

Because of Star Wars Day, the Fantasy's shops were packed with Star Wars souvenirs.
This banner wasn't for sale, it was put in every room by the stateroom attendants.  It now has a perfect spot on the wall in my room.  All of the 2020 Star Wars Day at Sea merchandise had a 70's retro theme.  I like it, but I still prefer the 2017 designs.
A 2017 shirt is above, a 2020 shirt is below.
To me, the 2017 design feels more Disney Cruise Line-ish than the 2020 design.  On the 2017 shirt, the Fantasy is more emphasized and there's no doubt of where the shirt came from.  The words "Star Wars" are large and emphasized on the 2020 shirt, so there's less Disney-ness on it in my opinion.  The 2020 shirt is still one of my favorite DCL shirts, though.
I also purchased a Star Wars Day at Sea lanyard.  The lanyard strap has a Galactic Empire side and a Rebel Alliance side, which is pretty cool.  I don't usually buy lanyards, but I had a reason for it.
I bought the lanyard because I wanted this priceless blanket!  Seriously, it doesn't have a price on it.  This blanket was kept behind the checkout counter, and it was available for $20.  However, there was a catch.  In order to be able to buy the blanket, I had to spend $60.  I knew I'd never be able to get the blanket any other time, and I had saved up a lot of Disney Gift Card money, so I wandered the shops, looking for items to spend $60 on.  I found the Star Wars Day at Sea shirt shown above, another DCL shirt, and the lanyard, which added up to be $65.  I bought those three items and the blanket and happily walked back to my room with my brand new $85 blanket.  It was definitely worth it and I regret nothing.
I was surprised to learn that personalized Aurebesh nametags, like mine above, were no longer being sold.  In 2017, there was an engraving machine in Mickey's Mainsail, but this machine was nowhere to be found this year.  According to one of the shop attendants, a similar nametag was available in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but only from an expensive package.  No thanks, I'll pass.  I wore my nametag on Star Wars Day at Sea, but I felt bad when someone in Vibe asked me where I got it.  I awkwardly said, "I got it on a cruise three years ago, but you can't get them anymore."  Disney should bring these nametags back, they were one of the only personalizable souvenirs I remember being sold.

Overall, Star Wars Day at Sea 2020 was an awesome day on an awesome trip.  It was everything I remembered from 2017 and more.  Unfortunately there will only be 9 Star Wars Days at Sea next year.  I'm going on a cruise with a Star Wars Day at Sea next year, and I hope it's as much fun as this year's was.

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