Monday, March 23, 2020

White Caps: From Essentials to Expensive

White Caps is one of the three main shops on the Disney ships, along with Sea Treasures and Mickey's Mainsail.  It's named after the "caps" that form on top of waves in the ocean, like in the picture below.
In the past, White Caps had vacation necessities like sunscreen for sale.  However, on the Fantasy in January, all I saw in White Caps were watches, high-end perfumes, and jewelry.  All of the necessities previously sold there were moved across the hall to Sea Treasures, because nothing says treasure like seasickness medicine.

Another change to White Caps' stock was the addition of the Bvlgari Boutique.  Aside from being really hard to pronounce (I still don't know how), Bvlgari makes Italian jewelry and watches.  This boutique wasn't on the Fantasy in January 2017, so it must have been added during its dry dock later that year.  This section has its own entrance and sign, but it is connected to White Caps, so it's not a standalone store like Tiffany's.  However, similar to Tiffany's, Bvlgari isn't owned by Disney.

These changes to White Caps weren't all at once.  On each cruise leading up to the one in January, I noticed more and more high-end wares for sale at White Caps.  I'm guessing as long as Disney can make money off of the items sold at White Caps, they'll keep adding more expensive items.  I guess this is good if you like spending money.

While White Caps has experienced some changes, nothing has really happened to the other two main shops.  Mickey's Mainsail still has the most for sale, including clothes, toys, stuffed animals, picture frames, Christmas tree ornaments, coffee mugs, lanyards, and other Disney merchandise.  Sea Treasures has some toys and a few lanyards, but mainly has clothes, hats, and now vacation essentials.

While I'm on the topic of the shops, did you know you can take unpurchased items with you to the other main stores as you browse them?  For example, if you find a shirt you want to buy in Mickey's Mainsail, but want to buy another shirt from Sea Treasures, you can take the shirt from Mickey's Mainsail with you to Sea Treasures.  As long as you don't steal anything, the cast members don't mind.  I recommend making purchases wherever the line is the shortest.

If Disney continues to sell more expensive goods, I predict that the Wish will have multiple dedicated shops for other companies like Tiffany's and Bvlgari.  I'm excited to see how Disney plans to take even more customers' money!

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