Saturday, June 6, 2020

Why Isn't the Dream or Fantasy Docked at Disney's Cruise Terminal?

The other day, I watched the Fantasy as it sailed in to Port Canaveral on the webcam.  Surprisingly, it didn't dock at the Disney Cruise Line terminal.  Instead, it moored at an adjacent terminal, which is typically where Carnival ships dock.  When I noticed this, I just assumed that the Dream would be coming in to dock at Disney's terminal later that day and didn't think anything too unusual was happening.

Well, when the Dream came in later, can you guess where it went?  If you guessed the terminal on the other side of Disney's terminal, then you're correct!  That terminal is mainly used by Norwegian ships, but when Disney's new ships are completed, it will be shared between the two lines.
The reason why this happened is likely because Disney has started work on renovating their cruise terminal.  According to this article from December 2019, Disney announced that they would start work renovating their terminal in June 2020.  Well, it's June now, and work has probably started.  The terminal was originally scheduled to be closed from June until almost November, and as a result of COVID-19, it's already closed.  How convenient!  If cruises resume by October (I sure hope they do), then Disney will use the Norwegian cruise terminal as a substitute.

The purpose of this renovation is to prepare the terminal for the Wish and its sister ships, which will be a bit larger than the Dream and Fantasy.  A few notable changes include the replacement of the seats in the main section of the building and the extension of the shade in the drop-off area.  The drop-off area is where guests get out of buses and taxis and walk into the terminal.  It can get pretty crowded with people getting on their cruise and people leaving from their cruise, so I'm glad it will be expanded.

At the time of posting, the Dream and Fantasy were still in Port Canaveral together.  They might still be there when you're reading this, so visit the Port Canaveral Webcam to see for yourself!

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