Monday, June 15, 2020

Wish List: A Larger Variety of Bahamian Cruises

This edition of Wish List isn't completely related to the Wish, it's just something I wish Disney would do so it definitely counts.

Bahamian cruises are some of the most common Disney cruises.  They're mainly on the Dream now, but the three other ships have all been on some in their lifetimes.  Even the Fantasy has done a few.  However, the Bahamian cruises that Disney offer are all very similar, with many of them including stops at Castaway Cay and Nassau.  Since they're smaller, the Magic and Wonder can dock at Key West, Florida, which adds a little variety to what's available.  Even with this, Bahamian cruises could be more varied.  When the Wish enters service, Disney should spice up their Bahamian cruises with other ports of call, including their future private port of call, Lighthouse Point.

Let's take a look at Disney's existing available Bahamian cruises.  On the website, Disney has Bahamian cruises departing from Port Canaveral, Miami, Galveston, and New Orleans.  Cruises in the Bahamas have a surprising variety of lengths, ranging from three to seven nights.  All of Disney's cruises in the Bahamas include a day at Castaway Cay, and I hope this continues with the Wish.  Also, Disney currently only visits three ports of call on Bahamian cruises:  Nassau, Key West, and Castaway Cay.  Many people that have been on multiple Disney cruises have already been to Nassau and seen and done what it has to offer.  My family and I have, and we treat it as a day at sea with less people on the ship.  It would be nice if Disney offered Bahamian cruises on the Dream to Castaway Cay and another port that isn't Nassau.  But, where could they go in the Bahamas?

So now, let's see where DCL's competitors are going in the Bahamas.  Royal Caribbean has Bahamian cruises that go to ports like Bimini, Freeport, their private island Cococay, as well as Nassau and Key West.  Carnival has cruises going to Freeport, their private islands, and Key West and Nassau.  If Disney switched Nassau with one of these islands (well, not any of the private islands, of course), the ports on their Bahamian cruises would be much more enticing to repeat cruisers than they are now.  Disney would still go to Nassau, just not as frequently.

Wait, hang on, we can't forget about Disney's future private port!  When the new ships are launched, Disney will have another private port, Castaway Cay 2.  Yup, they make sequels to islands now (not really).  Their new private island isn't actually private!  Disney is purchasing the southern point of the island of Eleuthera, known as Lighthouse Point.  Eleuthera is a massive island, with roads and residents.  Disney's new property isn't anywhere near completion yet, but it does have its own website!  Lighthouse Point and Castaway Cay will compliment each other, so maybe Disney will have a three night cruise that just goes to both of the Disney destinations.  That would be a great and probably super expensive cruise!

With the eventual addition of Lighthouse Point and the possible addition of a Bahamian port that's new to DCL, Disney could really spice up their Bahamian cruises on the Magic, Wonder, Dream, and maybe the Wish!  Where would you like to go on a Bahamian Disney cruise?  Leave a comment below if you'd like.

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