Saturday, July 18, 2020

All of the Remaining September 2020 Cruises Have Been Removed From the DCL Website

Today, I was checking the Disney Cruise Line website to see if there were any more cancelations as a result of COVID-19, and yes, there are.  Cruises on the Dream and Fantasy had previously been canceled until September 15th, but now, none of the remaining cruises in September 2020 are listed.  Why were they unlisted?  Well, a few days ago, the Centers for Disease Control extended their No Sail Order for cruise ships until September 30th.  This No Sail Order applies to cruise ships in waters under US authority, and the Dream and Fantasy both depart from Port Canaveral, which is in Florida, which is in the United States, which means they can't resume until the end of September.  The Magic and Wonder are both scheduled to resume cruises in October, so this No Sail Order doesn't affect them.

Interestingly, DCL's COVID-19 travel alert website hasn't been updated yet with these changes.  I'm sure it'll be updated pretty soon, so when it is updated, I'll make a post with the official cancelation details.  See ya real soon!

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