Monday, July 27, 2020

Taking a Look at the Newly-Announced Fall 2021 Itineraries

Last week, Disney Cruise Line announced itineraries for fall 2021 on their website.  Most of the cruises announced are either Halloween on the High Seas or Very Merrytime cruises.  Overall, nothing too exciting was announced, but there were some changes to typical cruises, possibly because of the Wish. The next announcement of itineraries will likely be much more interesting, since the Wish is scheduled to start cruising in early 2022.  So, let's look through what is probably the last bunch of DCL itineraries with only four ships!

First, let's see what's new with cruises in the Caribbean.  The Magic will be going on a 4-night Eastern Caribbean cruise from San Juan to Miami.  Interestingly, it'll make a stop at Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic on this cruise.  Later, the Magic will do a few 5-night Western Caribbean cruises, as well as a 6-night Western Caribbean cruise from Miami.

The Wonder will do 4-night Western Caribbean cruises from Galveston, Texas.  It'll also do one 6-night Western Caribbean cruise from Galveston.

The Dream won't be doing any Caribbean cruises, it'll do Bahamian cruises as usual.  However, the Fantasy will.  In addition to its normal 7-night Caribbean cruises, it'll do an 8-night Eastern Caribbean cruise.  Usually, the Fantasy goes on 7-night cruises from Saturday to Saturday, but because of this 8-night cruise, it'll go from Sunday to Sunday.  Why is Disney making this change?  It's probably because the Wish will take over cruises from Saturday to Saturday.  The Wish might do 7-night cruises, or do what the Dream does and alternate between 3 and 4-night cruises.  I think the Wish will become the new Dream and do shorter cruises.  The Wish and its sister ships will be fueled using liquified natural gas, or LNG, and not every port in the Bahamas and Caribbean can refuel LNG-powered ships presently, so the new ships may have less choice of destinations.  A shorter cruise means less destinations, so I think the Wish will be the new Dream.  But what will the Dream do?  That's a post for another week.

While looking through the Fantasy's Caribbean cruises, I noticed that there's a gap of nothing between October 24th and October 30th.  At first I thought this was for a dry dock, but after looking into it, it's actually a chartered Turner Classic Movies cruise.  It's not bookable on the Disney website, instead anyone wanting to go on that cruise would have to go through TCM.  You can find the TCM cruise's website here.

Back on topic, let's look at the Bahamas.  The Magic is doing 3, 4, and 5-night Bahamian cruises in late 2021.  It's only going to Key West twice, which is too bad, because Key West is a nice place.  The Wonder is only doing three Bahamian cruises in fall 2021, and they're all 6-night cruises out of Galveston.  The Dream is doing its typical 3 and 4-night Bahamian cruises, although on some of the 3-night cruises, there is a day at sea instead of a stop in Nassau.  The Fantasy will go on two Bahamian cruises in November, a 5-night cruise (with two stops at Castaway Cay) followed by a 3-night cruise.  These cruises will put the Fantasy back on its new Sunday to Sunday schedule, after the TCM cruise put its schedule back to Saturday to Saturday.

Next on the website are Baja cruises on the Wonder.  The Wonder will go on seven Baja cruises throughout October and early November 2021.  There are two 3-night cruises, three 4-night cruises, and two 5-night cruises.  There aren't any 2-night cruises like there have been in the past, which is good, because a 2-night cruise would just be too short.  People unpack on the first day, then have to pack up the next day!  It's just not worth it!

After that, the website features one Mexican Riviera cruise.  This 7-night cruise, out of San Diego, has stops at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta, as well as three days at sea.

Listed after the Mexican Riviera cruise are the Magic's Bermuda cruises out of New York City.  There are five 5-night Bermuda cruises.  These cruises have two consecutive days in  King's Wharf, Bermuda and two days at sea.  After these Bermuda cruises, there is a 5-night cruise from New York City to San Juan, Puerto Rico that has one day in Bermuda, a day in Tortola, and two days at sea.

Next up is one 6-night Canada cruise on the Magic from New York City.  In October, this cruise stops at Saint John (New Brunswick), Halifax (Nova Scotia), and Bar Harbor in Maine.  It has two days at sea.

After that is a Pacific Coast cruise on the Wonder from Vancouver to San Diego.  This cruise stops at Victoria, Canada, and has two days at sea before arriving in San Diego.

Following the Pacific Coast cruise is the 11-night Westbound Transatlantic cruise.  This cruise, starting in Dover, England, has stops in Bilbao, Spain; La Coruña, Spain; and King's Wharf, Bermuda, in addition to six days at sea.

Finally, we have the 14-night Eastbound Panama Canal cruise.  This cruise starts in San Diego and ends in Galveston, making multiple stops in Mexico, a stop in Cartagena, Columbia, and a stop in Grand Cayman.  This cruise also has one week at sea.

That's it for the fall 2021 cruise announcement.  I'm hoping the next announcement is more interesting, because we'll probably find out when the Wish enters service and where it'll be going.  Also, as we get closer to early 2022, we'll learn more about the Wish.  But until then, you can find more information about the cruises I mentioned above, like dates and how to book, on the Disney Cruise Line Website.  


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