Sunday, November 8, 2020

Buried Treasure

If you went on a cruise on the Dream or Fantasy between 2011 and early 2017, you may have noticed a pirate-themed arcade outside of Cabanas.  This arcade, called the Arr-Cade, is no longer on the Dream or Fantasy, and has been replaced with specialty dessert shops on both.  

Like many modern arcades, the arcade machines in the Arr-Cade were operated using cards.  Not Key to the World Cards, though that would've been nice.  Instead, the Arr-Cade used cards specifically designated for arcade use.  When guests entered the dark, noisy, wooden plank-design carpeted Arr-Cade, they paid however much they wanted to spend on arcade games at a machine and got a card that looked like this:

I think this card was from the Fantasy's Arr-Cade in January of 2017, when the Arr-Cade's days were numbered.  This card was hidden deep under a lot of random papers in a drawer, so it was buried.  It's also a treasure to me, even though it has no cash value.  You can't get one of these anymore!  It's a relic from DCL's past.  I wonder if it still has a few cents left...

The Arr-Cade's older sibling, Quarter Masters Arcade, was on the Magic and Wonder.  It was taken off the ships before I had the chance to see it, and was replaced by Edge, which was moved to Deck 9 from Deck 2.  I think the card design was the same between the two arcade types, since the card just says, "Arcade Card", not "Quarter Masters Arcade Card" or "Arr-Cade Card".  

Since the arcades were removed from all four Disney ships, there's no way there will be an arcade on the Wish.  Disney is definitely making more money from Vanellope's Sweets and Treats and Sweet on You, the specialty dessert shops, than they ever did from the Arr-Cade.  It's pretty safe to say that there will be a specialty dessert shop on the Wish.  Even if people don't buy anything from it, they'll still go for the delicious smells.

I think it's really cool looking back at Disney Cruise Line's history and seeing what's changed.  While all of the ships have had changes, the Magic and Wonder have had the most.  In the future, I might write about some of the areas and features on those ships that have changed in their 22 and 21 year histories.  But until then, rest in peace, Arr-Cade and Quarter Masters Arcade.  You won't be missed by Disney, because they're making more money without you!

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