Thursday, November 5, 2020

(I thought) The Wish is Huge!

Yesterday, Ems -Dollart Media uploaded an amazing video about the Disney Wish's construction in Germany.  The video shows the journey of the ship's engine to the site where the rest of the ship will be built.  Pushed and pulled by tugboats, the engine floated down the Ems River to the shipyard where another part of the Wish was waiting!

Hi, DCLKid from the future here.  There actually wasn't another part of the Wish waiting there.  That large ship section was the AIDAcosma.  Please don't listen to the November 5th DCLKid, he's wrong for the next three paragraphs.  I wrote more about this here.

Yep, that big, unfinished tall thing is part of the Wish!  You can get the best view of the large section (not the engine) during the last few seconds of the video.  If you look back at the artist's rendering of the Wish from 2018, you'll notice the rounded parts of the ship's sides.  In the video, the actual Wish has one rounded part visible.  I'm predicting that this round section is the Midship elevator lobby, and one of the funnels will eventually be on top of this section.  I think the engine unit that was brought to the construction site will go behind the Midship elevator lobby and include the long section of the ship from Midship to Aft.  

Before this video, we've only seen the Wish's engine unit.  I thought that was all that had been built so far, but no, they were busy elsewhere.  This part of the ship is really tall so far, and the funnel will make it even taller.  In the lower half of the ship, there are lifeboat mounts.  Those are on Deck 5 on the Dream-class ships, so let's call that Deck 5.  If that's Deck 5, then the highest deck so far is Deck 15.  This doesn't seem right, since the Dream-class ships have 14 Decks, which includes the funnel.  The Wish doesn't have the funnel yet but already has more decks.  The Wish is only going to be slightly larger than the Dream-class ships, and I wouldn't call having three more decks (including two in the funnel) slightly larger.  It's possible that the lifeboat mounts aren't on Deck 5, but that seems unlikely since they are on Deck 5 on all of the other ships.  If it works, why change it?

Enough about counting.  If the round section is the Midship elevator lobby, I think the round section below the lifeboats is the Atrium.   I may be wrong, but thanks to the round section, there will be many more windows in the Atrium than what we've seen on the other ships.  Instead of fake backgrounds, Disney's photographers could take pictures of families with an ocean backdrop.  That would be really fun to watch, especially on sea days.

Future DCLKid here again, the rest of the post is correct.  Sorry about that!

The last thing I can squeeze from this video isn't actually on the Wish.  Look at the massive building behind the Wish and the engine unit.  This says "JOS.L.MEYER.PAPENBURG"  When I saw this, I thought looked familiar.
It was familiar because it was where the Fantasy was in this picture!  In the video, the Wish was close to where its older sister was in over eight years ago.  I found this picture frame on the Fantasy in January, and now I'm really glad I did.

If I do any more speculating today, I'll probably explode with excitement.  The Wish isn't going to start cruises until the summer of 2022, so they've got plenty of time to build the rest of the ship.  I'm hoping these video updates will keep coming so DCL fans like me can learn more about how large cruise ships are built and what new and exciting features will be included on the Wish.

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  1. Great post, DCLKid! I can tell you're excited from your writing!! Great video and like you I hope they continue to make these available!!