Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Doomed Disney Infinity Room

Earlier this month, I wrote about the Arr-Cade, the arcade that used to be on the Dream and Fantasy.  Both Arr-Cades have been replaced by specialty dessert shops, and writing that post got me thinking.  What area on the DCL ships will be replaced next?

In a major dry dock renovation, it's almost a guarantee that something on the ship will be altered or converted into something completely new.  For example, in the Fantasy's 2017 dry dock, the Arr-Cade was transformed into Sweet on You.  Sometimes, the areas that get changed are unexpected.  In the Magic's 2018 dry dock, Carioca's, one of the rotational restaurants, was replaced by Rapunzel's Royal Table.  It's weird that they did this, since Carioca's was added in 2013.  See?  Unexpected!

Across the fleet, there is one room that is begging to be changed:  The Disney Infinity room in the Dream's Oceaneer Club.  

Before I go into why it'll probably be taken out, here's some background information.  Disney Infinity is a video game that was released in 2013.  It features characters from everything owned by Disney.  It has characters from classic Disney movies, Star Wars, and Marvel.  The main money making aspect of this game is that all of the characters have figures, like this one:
Players put figures like these on the scanning base, and they could play as them in game.  In order to get more characters to play as, players had to buy more figures.  One of the most fun parts of the actual game is designing worlds in the Toy Box game mode, where there's an infinite amount of things to make and do.  It's called 'Disney Infinity' for a reason.

In what was likely an attempt to boost the sales of the game, Disney added a Disney Infinity themed room to the Dream's Oceaneer Club in 2015.  Here, kids can play the video game and participate in activities themed after the game.  A cool feature of this room was that people could take their Oceaneer wristband home and scan it on the Disney Infinity base to unlock Disney Cruise Line-themed content, like a rideable mini DCL ship and a recreation of parts of the Dream, Nassau, and Castaway Cay.  I'm pretty sure this is the most expensive content in the game.  

Sadly, Disney Infinity didn't do as well as Disney hoped, and the game and its figures were discontinued in 2016.  It was a shame, the game was a lot of fun.  However, this actually had a few good effects, the figures received a big price drop since the game they were made for was dead.  However, in the long run, Disney Infinity's cancellation was pretty unfortunate, especially for the room on the Dream.  They now had a room promoting a discontinued video game.

"Hey kids, if you liked playing in this room, you should buy the video game!  Oh wait...You can't anymore."

The Fantasy never had a Disney Infinity room.  Instead, it got a Marvel Super Hero Academy room added during its first dry dock in 2017, after Disney Infinity ended.  When the Dream's Disney Infinity room inevitably gets removed, a Marvel themed room will probably fill the space to keep parity with the Fantasy.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the Dream went into dry dock in France.  Nothing has been revealed about any changes that were made, so I doubt anything major was changed.  This dry dock was probably just for minor, routine repairs and maintenance.  The Disney Infinity room might have been replaced with a Marvel room, but you would think Disney would've announced something like that.  So, the Disney Infinity room might still be around to see some more guests.  If it is, it'll be removed in the Dream's next major dry dock.  Disney Infinity was a great game, and I (and probably DCL) wish it hadn't ended so soon.

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