Thursday, April 1, 2021

Finding Pinocchio's Pool

I've said this before, but the designers of the DCL ships paid great at attention to detail.  There are so many small touches on their ships that go mostly unnoticed, and I've enjoyed every one that I've found on the four ships.  Well, all except for one.  Though it's small, one detail on the Wonder has confused me ever since I noticed it back in 2019.  
If you've been on the Magic or Wonder before, you may know that the poolside pizza restaurant is called Pinocchio's Pizzeria.  But this directory sign on the Wonder doesn't include Pinocchio's Pizzeria in the list of locations at the bottom.  Instead, it includes Pinocchio's Pool.  The three guest pools on the Magic and Wonder are the Quiet Cove Pool, Goofy's Pool, and the AquaLab pool, so Pinocchio's Pool doesn't exist.  Or does it?

The first possibility is that the two small whirlpools near Pinocchio's Pizzeria are Pinocchio's Pool.  I've always considered them to be part of Goofy's Pool, since they're right next to it, but they're also close to Pinocchio's Pizzeria.  They're officially part of Goofy's Pool, but maybe Pinocchio is trying to take over that section of Deck 9 without Goofy knowing.

Alternatively, Pinocchio's Pool could be the name of the crew pool.  The Magic and Wonder have a crew pool in the very front of the ship (it's visible from the Wide World of Sports Deck).  Guests aren't allowed to use it, so it's not easy to get to.  I don't know if it has a name other than just 'crew pool', but it is a pool, so it meets the qualifications to be Pinocchio's Pool.  However, the sign pictured above said that Pinocchio's Pool is to the right of the sign, and the crew pool is to the left.  Also, the sign only lists guest areas, not crew areas, on it.  I'd say that the crew pool is not Pinocchio's Pool.

Another possibility is that Pinocchio's Pool doesn't exist...yet.  People who read the Wonder's sign are probably supposed to assume that the locations listed on the sign are on the Wonder, but let's not assume this.  The sign's directions aren't very specific (left and right), so it may be listing some of the locations on the Wish or the other two future ships.  If Pinocchio's Pool is somewhere to the right of the sign, and the sign is on the Starboard side of the Wonder, locations to the right of it are behind the ship.  Let's say the Wish is to the right of the sign, behind the Wonder, like this:

Pretend they're both facing toward the left.

If Pinocchio's Pool is on the Wish, and the Wish is directly behind the Wonder, then the pool would be to the right of the sign, like what it says.  The sign would be accurate, though only during these rare occasions.  This is possible, but I don't think one of the Wish's pools will be named Pinocchio's Pool.  People would probably get confused, as the DCL fleet would have Pinocchio's Pool and Pinocchio's Pizzeria.  Mixing up a pizza restaurant with a pool would be terrible, I hope it never happens.

Those options are possible but unlikely.  A final possibility is that Pinocchio's Pool is actually a sink, not a swimming pool.  Before handling food, the crew has to wash their hands, so what if the sink they use before working in Pinocchio's Pizzeria is the Pinocchio's Pool?  If you cover the sink's drain and leave the water running, a pool of water will fill up the sink.  It's a pool at Pinocchio's!  Pinocchio's Pool!  It does exist!  The sign wasn't wrong after all!

Pinocchio's Pool is likely just an error on that one sign, but where's the fun in that?  I hope you enjoyed the legendary April Fool's Day quest to prove that the typo really does exist.  By now, that sign error has probably been noticed and corrected, which is good.  It'll save people the trouble of trying to figure out where Pinocchio's Pool is.  

Remember, don't believe everything thing you read, like that sign on the Wonder.  Especially today.

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