Friday, April 16, 2021

Update: All Disney Magic Cruises are Canceled Until October 14th

Yesterday, April 15th, on their website, Disney announced that all cruises on the Magic are canceled through the 9th of October.  This announcement only canceled three Bermuda cruises from New York, and it does not impact the Wonder, Dream, or Fantasy.  Also, this summer's Magic at Sea cruises from the UK are not affected by this announcement.

Cruises on the Magic will resume on October 14th, which is dangerously close to the cruise on the Magic my family is planning to go on.  This cruise is scheduled to start on October 30th, but thanks to this announcement, I'm not so sure it'll happen.  I hope it does happen, but it's not looking good now.

These cancelations surprised me.  None of these cruises were going to Canada, which is temporarily not allowing any cruise ships in, so that wasn't the problem.  Bermuda is part of the UK, and they're probably fine with cruises, judging by the Magic at Sea announcement.  Speaking of Magic at Sea, DCL announced the dates for the Magic at Sea cruises, and the final one, a 3-night, is starting on October 1st and ending on the 4th.  These three Bermuda cruises were probably canceled to give the Magic time to cross the Atlantic and return to the US.  So maybe my family and I will go on that cruise on October 30th!  I'll start looking at alternatives just to be safe.

The relatively small amount of people affected by this suspension can either get a full refund or, if they've paid the full price of their cruise, a 125% future cruise credit.  Let's hope that this suspension doesn't get extended, because I want to go on the Magic in October!  But, if it does get extended, the DCL website will have the latest information.

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