Wednesday, April 28, 2021

What I'm Wishing to See Tomorrow

The wait is almost over.  The Once Upon a Disney Wish event is tomorrow, April 29th at 11 a.m. ET!  I'm super excited for it, although unfortunately I won't be able to watch it live.  I'm sure some of the presentation will be spent talking about the few Wish features we already know, like the Cinderella statue in the Grand Hall, Rapunzel on the Wish's stern, and Minnie Mouse on the bow.  But the event is going to be around 30 minutes long, so that's plenty of time for new announcements.  So, to prepare for it, I thought of some Wish features that may be announced during the event!

First off, I think the Wish's deck plans will be announced tomorrow.  A while ago, I found a fifth ship selection option on the DCL's online deck plansThis fifth option is still there, so maybe it's finally time to make use of it!

I'm hoping that Disney spends some time of the event talking about the Wish's restaurants.  Of course there'll be Animator's Palate, but the other two main rotational restaurants are a mystery.  The restaurant adjacent to the Grand Hall may be themed after the Disney Princesses, which wouldn't be too surprising.  The restaurants next to the atrium on the current four DCL ships (Lumière's, Triton's, Royal Palace, Royal Court) all have something to do with Disney Princesses, so making the Wish's equivalent similar would make sense.  However, they could surprise us!  Palo, the adults-only Italian restaurant on all four of the DCL ships is likely going to be on the Wish, but I'm not sure about Remy.  Maybe they'll want to set the Wish apart from the Dream and Fantasy by giving it a different second adults-only restaurant.  If they do this, it may be announced tomorrow.

I also hope Disney talks about the Wish's pool deck.  I thought about the ideal layout for the Wish's pool deck, and I'm curious to see what it ends up looking like.  Similarly, I want to learn more about the Wish's new water slide.  From what we've seen, it looks similar to the AquaDuck on the Dream and Fantasy, but the technology in that slide is a decade old.  An upgraded and improved version of the AquaDuck would be amazing, so hopefully it gets featured tomorrow.

Like the pool deck, the Wish will have areas for all guests to enjoy, like theatres, a sports deck and some shops.  I'd like it if DCL spends some of the presentation talking about these features.  Maybe we'll even hear about an upgraded Midship Detective Agency!

We could hear some of the Wish's horns during the event.  The Wish will probably add some new horns based on Disney songs, so some of them could be played tomorrow.  The Disney Parks Blog post said that there'll be some performances during the event, and a horn song counts as a performance, right?

Disney may discuss the Wish's youth clubs during the event.  I'm guessing they'll stick with the current names and themes of the youth clubs (Oceaneer Club, Oceaneer Lab, Edge, Vibe) for fleetwide continuity, so I don't think that'll change about them.  The Wish's youth clubs will probably feature more to do in them than their existing counterparts, and we could find out about those innovations tomorrow.

There are definitely going to be adults watching the presentation, so it'll probably detail the adults-only spaces around the Wish.  I'm really hoping for a bar similar to the Dream's Pub 687.  Being the DCLKid, I don't usually care too much about the bars, but Pub 687 is really cool.  It features artifacts and pictures from the Dream's construction, and for people like me, it's a lot of fun to just go inside and look around.  I'd love if the Wish has something similar to Pub 687.

I'm almost certain that Disney will talk about the tiny details that most people won't notice.  I like finding these details when I'm on the DCL ships, so those sections of the presentation will be fun.

All these potential Wish features would be great, but they'd be pointless if Disney never gives the Wish anything to do.  So, I think the Wish's itineraries will be revealed tomorrow.  The summer 2022 itinerary announcement allowed us to get a pretty good idea of the cruises that the Wish will start out with.  These cruises will likely be 3-night and 4-night (and maybe the occasional 5-night) Bahamian cruises from Port Canaveral.  This is just like what the Dream has done for pretty much its entire life, and since the Dream's getting moved to Miami that summer, it would make sense for a new ship to take over its previous job.  

If Disney announces the Wish's itineraries, then they'll also give its maiden voyage a date.  I'm probably not going to go on the maiden voyage, but I'll be happy to finally have a date for it.

I'm hoping that all of these things and more get announced tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.  If you want to watch the event live, you can do so on this Disney Parks Blog post.  You'll likely be able to watch it after it ends there as well.  Enjoy the presentation!

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