Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Wish's Other Funnel!

At the beginning of this year, the YouTube channel Ems -Dollart Media uploaded a video of one of the Wish's funnels.  At the time, I didn't know which funnel it was, but we've learned a lot about the Wish since then.  A video of the Wish's other funnel was posted by the same channel a few days ago.  It looks similar to the funnel in the previous video, but there are some interesting differences.

Can you tell which funnel this is?  It's the Forward funnel!  The round holes on the sides of the funnel were a dead giveaway.  The one farther from the camera is slightly higher than the one closer to it.  These holes are for the AquaMouse.  Riders will enter the funnel through the hole that's higher up and exit it through the hole that's lower.  This is like the AquaDuck on the Dream and Fantasy.  There weren't any round holes like these on the other funnel because when the AquaMouse reaches that funnel, it'll be lower to the deck.  I think it'll go around the back of the funnel, like what the AquaDuck does.

The bars on the back of the funnel stop just below the AquaMouse holes.  This is because Funnel Vision will go there.  A while ago, I was hoping that the Wish would have two Funnel Visions, but the official pool deck layout is much different from mine, so having two wouldn't make sense.

This funnel appears to be more complete than the Aft funnel was in the video from January.  This funnel has a top section that the other funnel was missing.  This could be because the Forward funnels on each DCL ship are decorative.  They don't provide any function for the engine, they just make the ships look cooler.  However, the Aft funnel is where the ship's exhaust is released.  Maybe after the unfinished Aft funnel was installed, the machinery that is housed in the funnel was put in it, then it was finished.

The concierge Wish Tower Suite will be inside this funnel, but it's not there yet.  The room doesn't exactly look luxurious or worth the high price yet.  Putting a huge room in the funnel is a pretty cool idea that's never been done on a DCL ship before, but I'd have preferred a guest area that everyone on the ship can enjoy.  Instead of something that thousands of guests could visit per cruise, there's something that only eight guests can visit.  Well, at least not having a public area in the funnel takes care of the two elevator lobby problem.

In addition to a look at the Forward funnel, the video gives a glimpse at what I think is the Wish.  It's visible in the background on the right side at some times during the video, like at 1:49.  It's not close to completion (although its maiden voyage is in less than a year), but part of what's probably the AquaMouse is visible.  It's that long white thing above the pool deck.  That section of the slide is near the end of it, after it goes through the funnel.  I think one of riders' favorite improvements of the AquaMouse over the AquaDuck will be not having to go up 70 stairs each time they want to ride it, as the ride just starts on Deck 13.

The Wish will start sailing in less than a year, and there's still a lot that needs to be announced.  Construction video updates like this one don't really announce anything, but it's been fun to see what has been announced take shape.  Be sure to keep your eye out for the next Wish announcement!

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