Sunday, June 6, 2021

The Wish's Multilevel Promenade!

You've probably already heard about the Wish's two-story concierge rooms.  They're huge and very fancy, but most people who go on the Wish won't be able to enjoy them.  While working on a different post, I was looking through the Wish's deck plans.  I was looking at staterooms, but I found something more interesting.  Like those two-story rooms, what I found was spread over more than one deck.  But unlike those rooms, everyone who goes on the Wish will be able to enjoy this.  What is it?  The promenade!

If you've been on a Disney cruise, you've probably spent some time on the promenade.  It's the outdoor walking and running track that goes around the outside of Deck 4.  It's a great place to look out at the ocean or the port the ship is currently at.  Also, those chairs are really comfortable.  I assumed the Wish would also have a promenade, since there's one on all of the current DCL ships and removing it would make the Wish's design look quite a bit different from the current ships.  Well, the Wish will have a promenade, but it'll be spread over three decks!

This is Deck 4 on the Wish, near the Forward elevator lobby.  The promenade runs along the sides of the deck until it hits the two movie theaters, the Wonderland Cinema and the Never Land Cinema.  To avoid these, it goes up!

Those staircases go up to Deck 5, where the promenade continues outside of Senses.  On the current DCL ships, Senses has many windows that provide great views of the ocean.  I'm guessing that Senses on the Wish will also have windows, but the promenade will be right outside of them.  What if someone is enjoying time away from their family during a spa treatment when their family walks by on the promenade?  Maybe the spa treatment areas will be in the center of the ship, not by the windows to avoid this problem. But isn't the view one of the highlights of a Senses treatment?  Well, I think Disney knows what they're doing, so design will probably work fine.  Anyway, see those stairs towards the front of the ship?  They go up to Deck 6!

This is the bow section of Deck 6, where the promenade continues!  This section of the promenade may offer amazing views of the ocean in front of the Wish.  However, this area could be below the wall and offer no view.  I'm hoping for the first option, but that could raise some safety concerns.  Unlike the other four DCL ships, the Wish doesn't have a section of the top deck in the front of the ship accessible to everyone.  Instead, it's reserved for concierge guests.  This is disappointing for people who don't want to spend the premium for those rooms.  If this first option is true, then normal guests will be able to enjoy the view from the front of the ship, which would be great.  We'll see what DCL decides to do.

The promenade is visible in the artist's rendering of the Wish on the Wish's website.  See the area below the lifeboats?  That's the promenade on Deck 4.  See how it slopes up in front of the lifeboats?  That's the Deck 5 section.  See the slope in front of that?  That's the Deck 6 section.  I can't tell if the Deck 7 section has a view or not from this rendering, but DCL will hopefully reveal more about the promenade soon.

The multilevel promenade is an interesting change.  The biggest advantage of this is that no matter where you are on it, you'll be able to see out into the ocean.  However, are there any disadvantages of the Wish's design?  Well, if there are stairs between the decks, it would make running on the promenade more difficult.  For this reason, I think ramps would be better.  Another problem is the Aft section of the promenade on Deck 4.  Take a look at it:

It runs into the Worlds of Marvel restaurant and ends.  If these deck plans are correct, how will people make a full loop around the ship?  Maybe they'll have to go through the doors near the elevator lobby, walk inside, then go through the doors on the other side.  Like the previous issue with the Wish's promenade, this would make running on the promenade difficult.  These deck plans are not final, so maybe the promenade really will go around the entire ship.  But if not, there needs to be a way for people to easily make a complete loop around the promenade.

I'm excited about the Wish's promenade.  It's different from the existing promenades, and if it's done right, it could be awesome.  Though it would probably be boring to most people, I would really enjoy a Disney Parks Blog post about the Wish's promenade.  A 30-minute video presentation complete with music and Disney characters would be even better.  Once Upon a Promenade probably won't happen, but hey, I can wish for it!

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