Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Update: All Disney Magic Cruises are Canceled Until November 8th, All Disney Wonder Cruises are Canceled Until September 24th, All Disney Dream Cruises are Canceled until August 9th, and All Disney Fantasy Cruises are Canceled Until September 4th

The best part about these suspension extensions is that they give me something to blog about.  Earlier today, June 8th, on their website, Disney canceled more cruises on all four DCL ships in order to finalize their health and safety measures.  This announcement only impacts cruises leaving from the United States, so the UK Magic at Sea cruises that are scheduled for this summer are unaffected.

With this announcement, the Dream will be the first of Disney's ships to resume cruises, with Dream cruises scheduled to resume on August 9th.  The Fantasy will resume cruises next, on September 4th.  Next will be the Wonder on September 24th.  Finally, cruises on the Magic will resume on November 8th.

While I wasn't too surprised that more cruises on the Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy got canceled, I was not expecting the cancelation of more Magic cruises.  This was mainly because my family was booked on the 5-night repositioning Bermuda cruise from October 30th to November 4th.  I'm disappointed, but I think I know why it and the cruise following it got canceled.  The repositioning cruise starting on October 30th was planned to go from New York City to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The cruise after it, another repositioning cruise, was planned to go from San Juan to Miami.  Both of these cruises would've started in one place and ended somewhere else.  This would've involved two separate groups of port workers handling guests' luggage, which would increase the amount of people that crew and guests came into contact with.  This was probably a health and safety concern for DCL, so they canceled those cruises.  The October Magic cruise was our second planned cruise to be canceled due to the pandemic, and I'm really hoping it doesn't happen to any more we decide to book.

This announcement was pretty negative, but DCL did announce a bit of positive news.  There will be a simulation cruise on the Dream on June 29th.  This cruise is likely happening to test how DCL's safety restrictions will be implemented and how well they will work.  Guests can't go on this cruise, but it's a step in the right direction to resume cruises.  This summer's Magic at Sea cruises will also likely provide DCL with useful information about which restrictions work well and which don't.

As with each of the previous suspensions, guests that were booked on any of these canceled cruises can either receive a full refund or a 125% future cruise credit (if they've paid the entire price of their cruise).  I don't think anybody wants this suspension to get extended again, but if DCL believes that it is necessary, then they'll extend it.  The DCL website always has the latest information, so be sure to check there for more information.

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