Saturday, August 19, 2017

Disney Dream Cruise: Day 1

Day 1, August 18th:  Port Canaveral

Welcome aboard!  We are now on the Disney Dream!  I am really happy to be here.  We flew to Orlando the day before, so we wouldn't miss our cruise.  It was an extremely long flight.  When we flew over Orlando, the weather was bad and they wouldn't let our plane land for thirty minutes.  Since the plane didn't have enough fuel to fly around for thirty more minutes, we had to go to Tampa to refuel.  It was a crazy flight.  The next day, we went to the Disney Cruise Line terminal to start our cruise!

After a short wait, they finally called us to get on the Dream!  When we first got into the atrium, the whole room welcomed us.  After that, we went straight to Cabanas for lunch.

After we ate, my brother and I decided to go to Edge, the tween space.  There weren't any other kids at Edge, so we left.  I spent the afternoon taking pictures, walking around the ship, and hanging out at Edge.  At 4:00, it was time for the mandatory drill.  We had to go to assembly station A, which was in the Walt Disney Theater.  After we left the theater, we went up to Deck 11 for the Sailing Away party.  I wore my swimsuit to the party so I could ride the AquaDuck, but the line was the longest I had ever seen it.  It made no sense!  It was normally the time when the line is short!  I ended up not riding it at all.

I'm about to run out of data for internet, so I can't blog much more.  I might be able to blog when I get home from the cruise.  I really thought it would last longer.  Well, before I run out of internet, "Sea ya real soon!"

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