Monday, August 14, 2017

Coming Up... A Cruise!

This Friday, my family and I are heading to Port Canaveral for a Disney Cruise!  We're going on a 3-Night Bahamian Cruise on the Disney Dream.

Our Cruise Itinerary (Picture from  My brother told me to cite the picture.)
Since my family can't fit into just one stateroom, we need  two.  We are in Forward on Deck 7.  Each day during the cruise, I am planning to blog about what I do.  We aren't going to get off the ship at Nassau, because we aren't a huge fan of it.  Last time we were there, on the Magic, we went to Atlantis.  It would have been fun, but there were 5 large cruise ships in port.  We had to wait around 30 minutes for the whole family to get a raft for the lazy river.  We ended up leaving shortly after that.  But, after we got back on the ship, we had more fun than we ever could have at Atlantis, and we promised ourselves that the next time we go to Nassau, we treat it like a day at sea (with less people).  It'll probably be an excellent time to ride the AquaDuck.  I already planned to ride it at least 40 times in 3 nights!  I can't wait!  This cruise will be a great way to end the summer.  Sadly, school is right around the corner.  At least we have another cruise planned after this!

Cruise Details
Ship:  Dream
Itinerary:  3-Night Bahamian Cruise
From:  Port Canaveral
Dates:  August 18th, 2017 - August 21st, 2017
Room Type:  Verandah
Schedule:  18th:  Port Canaveral | 19th:  Nassau | 20th:  Castaway Cay | 21st:  Port Canaveral 😢

-Look on the blog from August 18-21 for daily reports!-


  1. Kieran - I can't wait to see what you blog about this weekend!

  2. Kieran, I wonder if you will meet that Aquaduck goal of 40 times. Somehow I think you will!!!! I can't wait to read your blog.

  3. Looking forward to hearing what you all think of the dream.