Monday, August 28, 2017

Disney Dream Cruise: Day 2

Day 2:  Nassau

Our second day was fun.  We stayed onboard, and enjoyed the lower amount of people on the ship.  As we sailed into Nassau, I rode the AquaDuck.  It was right after we ate breakfast, so the line was short.  After about eight times, the line got longer, so I stopped riding.  I made my way back to our room, but I ran into my dad on the way.  He was going to come up and ride with me.  We went back up to the pool deck, and rode the AquaDuck more.  As more people finished breakfast, the line got longer.  When it got really long, we decided to go to Donald's Pool to watch Funnel Vision.  Later, I went up to Goofy's Sports Deck to take some pictures of some ships in port.
There were two Carnival ships in port.  This one was sailing in after we docked.

The Carnival Elation was docked before we did.
The front of the Norwegian Sky, with huge floral artwork.
After some good photos, I went to Edge, where we went to play shuffleboard on Deck Four.  I'm not that good at shuffleboard, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that hard.  After shuffleboard, I went back to Edge to play Super Smash Bros.  I was one of the top best players.  I met someone that's dad works on the Dream.  He showed me his Key to the World Card and it said, "Guest of _______________"  It must be cool to have a dad that works on a Disney Cruise.  I spent most of the afternoon at Edge, but I went to Making of the Dream, shown here.  It was very interesting.


Read at your own risk!

We had dinner at Animator's Palette, with Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory talking to multiple families.  One funny family, from Minnesota, got asked how they say hello in Minnesota.  They said, "Heeeeeyyyy Girrrrrrrrrrrllll"  Soon, Crush asked us to practice the Minnesotian Hello.  It was so funny.


Throughout the day, I took lots of pictures.  Here are just a few of them.

I remember this statue from the Fantasy!

Our second day was fun.  Our third day, was even better!  Day 3 is coming soon!


  1. Great pictures! We usually stay onboard at Nassau but are thinking of getting off the ship next time we go.

    1. Do you have your next cruise planned? We are going on the Wonder in January for a Southern Caribbean cruise.

  2. I really wanted to go on that cruise! We have been to Puerto Rico before and thought it would be a lot of fun to go on the wonder again.

    We are doing our next two trips on the Magic. One at Christmas, then one at Spring Break. We are also doing the Fantasy next summer, but doing the Western Caribbean instead of the Eastern.