Wednesday, August 23, 2017

You're Probably Asking: What Happenned to the Other Days of the Cruise?

I had a great time on my cruise.  It was a three-night Bahamian cruise on the Dream.  The Dream was the first cruise ship I had ever been on, so I remembered a lot.  Additionally, we were on the Fantasy in January, so we had no problem finding our way around.  There are a few reasons why I didn't blog about days 2 or 3.  First, I ran out of internet, and second, I think that when I'm on a cruise, there's so much to do, I don't have time to blog.  I do have a lot of pictures from an old camera I brought, but on the second night, it broke!  Before the cruise, I thought 3 nights would be too short, but afterward, it didn't feel as short.  The day we flew home was the worst day we had.  Not because we had to get off the ship, but because of how long we were at the airport.  We got to Orlando International Airport at 9:30 AM, and left after 7:00 PM!  We were there for almost 10 hours!  We had a flight on Southwest airlines, which was supposed to leave at 2:30 PM.  We left the gate at 3:00, but waited over an hour on the plane, but we had to go back to the gate to change our route because of "weather".  My dad checked the weather for Washington DC, and it was cloudy.  I didn't like spending a whole day at an airport, and because of this, we won't fly on Southwest Airlines again.  When we finally got home in Virginia, it was almost midnight.  Has this ever happened to you?

We went to an interesting presentation called "Making of the Dream"  It was in Pub 687, in the District.  Fun fact:  687 is the Dream's hull number, and the 687th ship built at Meyer Werft Shipyard.  The Fantasy is number 688.  It was hosted by Brad, someone who my mom recognized.  She asked him where he was in January, and amazingly, he was on the Fantasy!  He was the same Brad!  On the Fantasy, we met him while everyone gathered for the snorkeling Port Adventure in Tortola.  Pub 687 was really cool!  There were pictures of the Dream during construction, and behind the bar, there was art made out of scrap metal from construction!  Did you know that it was built in sections and then wielded together?  It's kind of like a giant LEGO set!  I learned a lot from the presentation.  If you're ever on the Dream, you should really go!

Sadly, school starts tomorrow, and I won't blog as often.  It feels like summer break gets shorter every year.  At least we have a cruise in January!

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