Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Look Back at My Favorite Cruise Photos

Nothing too exciting is going on in the world of Disney Cruise Line at the moment.  Cruises are suspended and are scheduled to resume at the end of July.  Since nothing is happening, I'm struggling to think of something worth blogging about.  So, I took a look through the pictures I've taken on past cruises and decided to compile my favorites.  Aren't random ideas great?

This is one of my first photos from when I went on the Wonder in 2018.  To this day, I haven't seen anybody swimming in the crew pool seen in the photo.  I have seen someone in the pool working on it when it was drained, though.  I'm assuming the Dream and Fantasy don't have a crew pool because nobody used them on the Magic or Wonder.

This photo was taken on Deck 10 of the Wonder near the Wide World of Sports Deck.  The words on the plaque are in Italian, but translated into English (by Google Translate, so it's probably not entirely accurate), it says, 
"Fincantieri [the shipyard that built the Magic and Wonder]
Italian Shipyards
Max. 5990
Year 1990"
5990 is the Wonder's hull number, assigned to it by the shipyard.  The Magic's hull number is 5989.  This plaque is an interesting feature of the Magic and Wonder.  I have yet to find a similar plaque on the Dream or Fantasy, maybe because they were built in another shipyard, Meyer Werft.

These photos were taken on the Wonder's promenade in 2018.  This section of the promenade gets closed off whenever the ship enters or leaves a port.  I would love to see what happens here when it's closed.

These two photos were taken in Antigua, also in 2018.  I like the first photo because it gives a good look at the design and detailed characters on the Wonder's bow.  The second offers a look how long the Wonder is.  If you're not comparing it to the newer Disney ships, it looks really long.  The second picture also shows some of the lifeboats being tested, which is a pretty common occurence in port, but it's still cool to see.  Speaking of lifeboats, did you know the Magic and Wonder have more lifeboats than the Dream and Fantasy?  The Magic and Wonder have 10 on each side (20 total), while the Dream and Fantasy only have 8 on each side (16 total).  The Dream and Fantasy have larger lifeboats, and can easily fit everybody on the ship in them.  Nobody has to swim!

I took this on the Wonder the following year.  It's an edited picture of the lights in After Hours, the adult lounge area.  This is one of the best pictures I've ever taken!

Here's another edited photo from the Wonder in 2019.  I like how dramatic the lines are in this picture.

Next is a photo from when I went on the Dream in 2019.  I took this photo from Goofy's Sports deck early in the morning, before anybody was playing Goofy Golf.  If you want to get great pictures, get up early!

This is the Dream's atrium, taken in 2019.  Did you know the atrium chandelier is based on a fountain?  If you look at it upside down, it actually looks like a fountain.  It would be cool if there were fire sprinklers in the chandelier, then it would be an actual fountain!

Next up, we have the view of the pier in Nassau in 2019.  Walking between two massive ships feels really feels like walking on a street in a city, except there are no cars, the buildings can move, float, and have water parks on top of them.

This photo, from when I was on the Fantasy in January, is a rare look into a lifeboat.  Each of the Fantasy's lifeboats can hold 270 people!  Not much room for social distancing in the lifeboats, though.

This Stormtrooper was seen on the night before Star Wars Day at Sea 2020.  I love this picture.  It's so amazing how the picture is all blurry except for the Stormtrooper.  Now, I know in Obi-Wan Kenobi's experience, there's no such thing as luck, but this was unquestionably a lucky picture.

This is a photo of the Sun rising over the ocean, also from the Fantasy earlier this year.  When you wake up early, you get to see some amazing things, like this sunrise and...

A person walking in the AquaDuck!  This might be my favorite DCL photo I've ever taken because of how weird it is.  I had seen hundreds of people riding the AquaDuck on a raft, but I had never seen someone walking through it.  Later in the cruise, someone told me they had seen someone walking through the AquaDuck at a different time, so this wasn't a one time thing.  Maybe someone walks through it every day to make sure everything is working right.  Have you ever seen someone walking in the AquaDuck?

So, out of my thousands of DCL photos, I found fifteen especially good ones.  I know I have more than fifteen favorites, but I have to leave some for the next time I don't know what to blog about!

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