Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Virtual Vacation!

These days, many people have a lot more spare time on their hands. Some people choose to spend their time productively by doing activities like exercising, reading books, or learning how to speak a foreign language.  While I'm usually productive, I often think about how wonderful a Disney cruise would be right now (you know, if there wasn't a global pandemic).  I wish I could be sitting outside on the amazingly comfortable promenade chairs beneath the yellow lifeboats or looking out at the ocean while riding the AquaDuck.  But, no, I'm still at home trying to make it through the last few weeks of online school.  I guess the only way to bring back Disney cruise memories is by looking through my thousands of cruise photos.  Or is there another option?

Good news, there is!  On the Disney Cruise Line website, there is a collection of 360° photos showcasing various locations across the Disney ships.  These photos include the pools, the restaurants, the youth clubs, and the spas.  A few of the pictures even let you move to different areas to get a different view!  Also, some photos feature points of interest you can click on to learn more about them.  These points are probably intended to give people that have never been on a Disney cruise a better understanding of what features the ships have, so if you've ever been on a Disney cruise, you probably won't learn much.  They're a nice touch, though.

Below are links to all of the photos:

Every photo was impressive, but I think my favorite was the Fantasy's Oceaneer Club.  During my cruise on the Fantasy in January, I had seven nights to go to the Oceaneer Club to take pictures during open house, but I never went!  I guess I don't have to take any pictures now, since you already know what it looks like.  I'll go to the Club next year, so I can see it in person and take my own photos of it.  I especially want to see the Star Wars Command Post, it looks amazing and if I was a 3-12 year old I would probably spend all day there.  It looks quite different from the Dream's Millennium Falcon, so I need to check it out. Also, in the adjacent Pixie Hollow room, why are there what appear to be cardboard Thor's hammers?  Is the next Marvel movie going to be about Tinker Bell?

I hope you enjoyed these 360° photos as much as I did!  They're a great feature to the DCL website and give people a glimpse into what Disney offers on their cruises.  I hope Disney adds more in the future, maybe of the sports decks, the bars, or the other restaurants.  They should add a picture from Cabanas, complete with food!  If they do, be sure to play some tropical music and sounds of people talking in the background while viewing it for complete immersion.

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