Saturday, May 2, 2020

Wish List: A Better Pool Deck

If you've ever been on a Disney cruise, then you probably know how crowded the pools and slides can get, especially on sea days.  All four DCL ships suffer from this problem, and the Wish and its sister ships need to have larger pools.

First, let's face it, the DCL pools are small.  I understand that the crew has to be able to cover them up for deck parties, so they can't exactly be Olympic-sized, but for a family and kid-oriented cruise line, Disney has some tiny pools.  Kids and parents almost constantly crowd the small pools that aren't nearly large enough for the demand they face.  I'm sure Disney has noticed this, so I think it's safe to say the Wish will have bigger family pools.  I've never seen the Quiet Cove Pool very busy, but I'm not an adult, so I'm not exactly an expert on that pool.  Have any of my adult readers ever seen the Quiet Cove Pool crowded?

In addition to overcrowded pools, the Dream and Fantasy have another problem the Wish can avoid, though this one is less important.  The AquaDuck is a wonderful water slide, but its line is commonly outrageously long during the day.  The line sometimes stretches all the way down the AquaDuck's staircase and onto Deck 12.  People shouldn't have to waste time on their cruise waiting in a line!  

Although the line is commonly a problem, it doesn't really affect me, since I only ride the AquaDuck in the evenings before and during the 5:45 dinner.  Riding the AquaDuck at night is so much better than riding it during the day.  This is mainly because there is virtually no line at night, but also because the view of the dark ocean is beautiful and the lights on the AquaDuck are awesome.  

So, how could Disney shorten the wait time with the Wish's AquaDuck?  By adding a second AquaDuck, of course.  Doubling the slides would double the amount of riders every minute, which would cut the wait time in half.

Is a second AquaDuck likely?  No.  It would be really cool, though.  The Imagineers will likely just make some alterations to the slide to improve efficiency, which would be just fine with me.

Another idea I have for the pool deck is to have more minor water slides, like Mickey's Slide on the Dream and Fantasy.  Ideally, the Wish would have an AquaDuck, a Twist n' Spout, and one or two more slides like the Twist n' Spout but smaller. These slides would give thrill lovers alternative slides to ride while the AquaDuck's line is too long.

A final suggestion I have involves the poolside quick service restaurants.  On the Magic and Wonder, the poolside restaurants are spread out across Deck 9.  However, on the Dream and Fantasy, they are all together in a row.  I prefer the way the Dream and Fantasy have them organized, and I'm sure the crew likes the convenience of having them all in one place as well.  I don't see a reason why the Imagineers wouldn't organize the poolside restaurants on the Wish like the Dream-class ships, so like the larger pools, it's relatively safe to say this'll happen.

So, those are my wishes for the Wish's pool deck, but I want to know what you want.  Do you have any suggestions for the Wish's pool deck?  Write them on a comment card and place it in your stateroom on debarkation day.  Or you could just leave a comment if you'd like.

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