Monday, May 18, 2020

The Magic Isn't Doing Any European Cruises In 2020 & the Wonder Isn't Doing Any Alaska Cruises In 2020

Today, I was wandering the Disney Cruise Line website, looking for something interesting that's worth blogging about.  I looked through the list of available cruises and noticed that the next Alaskan cruise is in 2021.  This is strange, since Disney has only announced coronavirus cancellations up to July 27th.  The Wonder should have some Alaskan cruises in August 2020 since they're not included in the suspension, but I think Disney is about to make a new announcement saying that the Wonder won't be going to Alaska this year.

After learning about the Wonder, I realized that the Magic could have a similar case. Sure enough, all of the European cruises (which are on the Magic) this summer aren't listed on the website.  But, if there won't be any cruises in Europe, then why did the Magic go to Europe?  It was likely to let crew members from Europe finally go home.  I'd rather cross the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise ship than an airplane anyday.  In the next announcement that should happen soon, Disney will probably also state that the Magic won't be doing any European cruises this year.

So if the Magic and Wonder aren't doing any cruises in August, it'll just be the Dream and Fantasy cruising that month (unless all of the August cruises get canceled too).  The Dream will keep going on its usual 3 and 4 night Bahamian cruises, and the Fantasy will keep alternating between Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises.  So for what's left of the summer after the suspension ends, there will only be the typical cruises that happen all year, assuming the suspension doesn't get extended.  I really hope all of this COVID-19 stuff is over soon, it's not good for anyone.  If Disney makes a new announcement about Europe and Alaska, I'll write about it here as soon as I can.

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