Saturday, December 5, 2020

Actually, the Wish Isn't Huge

Remember when I wrote about the engine room of the Disney Wish going down the Ems River?  Remember how there was a large section of a ship at the end of the video?  Remember how I said that was the Wish?

It actually wasn't the Wish.  It was the AIDAcosma.

Like many of the other videos I've featured, this video is from inselvideo.  This video gives a great look at the AIDAcosma and makes it really obvious that that ship is not the Disney Wish.  Just look at the shape of the windows!  Also, now I understand why I counted so many decks in that other post.  According to the AIDA website, the AIDAcosma will have 20 decks!  That's a lot of stairs.

So now, please disregard pretty much everything I said about the "Wish" in that post.  I was completely wrong, and I'm sorry for the confusion that may have caused.  Don't worry, I'm not becoming the AIDAKid.  Anyway, we can still look forward to when the Wish is in the state of construction that the AIDAcosma is in the video.  We've got a while, though.

Again, I'm sorry for the confusion and false excitement my mistake may have caused.  I'll try to never let this happen again.  I've updated the post from a month ago to show what's actually correct and what isn't, so if you want to see me annoyed with my past self, feel free to check it out.

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