Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Wish's Grand Hall!

Yesterday, December 25th, a video about the Disney Wish was uploaded to the Disney Parks YouTube Channel.  This video revealed the character statue that will be in the atriu- sorry, Grand Hall of the Wish.  We already had one rendering of the Wish's Grand Hall, but this revealed much more than that did.
This image is the older rendering, released in 2019.
It's Cinderella!  According to the video's description, this is a rendering of the Wish's Grand Hall, the new name for the Lobby Atrium on the upcoming ships.  It looks pretty similar to the other rendering, but this one is more detailed and more realistic.

The Cinderella statue is much different from the atrium statues on the current ships.  This statue is on the floor!  On all of the other ships, the statues are on pedestals, like Minnie on the Fantasy:
The Cinderella statue looks like it will be larger than the existing statues, possibly life sized!  It would be too big to go on a pedestal.  However, since it will be on the floor, the statue will probably have to be cleaned very frequently, since it'll be easier for people to touch it.  Interestingly, the older rendering shows a pedestal where the Cinderella statue is in the new rendering.  

Since Cinderella will be the statue in the Grand Hall, I'm thinking the restaurant right next to the Grand Hall will be Cinderella-themed.  On the Wonder, there's a statue of Ariel in the atrium, and right behind it is Triton's, The Little Mermaid-themed restaurant.  If they do the same thing with the Wish, the rotational restaurant by the Grand Hall will be Cinderella-themed.

In the video, look behind Cinderella.  One of the rotational restaurants will probably be there.  Look at the section slightly to the left of the statue.  There's something that looks like a person holding an oar, and next to that is a smaller person holding what looks like a hook.  It's Moana and Maui!  To the left of Moana, there's something that kind of looks like a chicken, and that's probably Hei Hei, the chicken in Moana.  I can't tell what the rest of the small maybe-statues in that section are, but they're probably all related to Moana.

To the left of the Moana maybe-statues is another group of statues.  One of the larger maybe-statues here looks like a woman in a dress, so it's probably another Disney princess.  It looks like these maybe-statue groups line the entire wall behind the Cinderella statue, the exterior wall of what may be a restaurant.  So, will this restaurant be princess-themed?  I think so!

The video gives us another look at the Wish's grand staircase, and yup, it's pretty grand.  It will go two decks above the Grand Hall's main floor, which will probably be on Deck 3.  Assuming it's Deck 3, the staircase will go up to Deck 4 and Deck 5.  

It doesn't look like there's another grand staircase going down to Deck 2 like there is on the Dream and Fantasy.  The main reason for that staircase is Enchanted Garden on Deck 2.  Since the Wish won't have a fancy staircase going down to Deck 2, there probably won't be a restaurant down there.  The Wish's Deck 2 will probably be exclusively staterooms.  The Wish will probably a restaurant layout something similar to what the Magic and Wonder had, two on Deck 3 and one on Deck 4.  Deck 3 and Deck 4 don't have any staterooms on them, so they're better for a restaurant, a place where hundreds of people go every day.

The carpet of the Grand Hall looks like it has a floral design, so you can expect to see flowers hidden around the Grand Hall.  The carpet looks more like blue than in the older rendering, where it looked more like purple.  The design even continues on the bottom of the grand staircase!  I'm not sure if this will be painted or light, but from the rendering, it looks like light to me.  

The current DCL ships have colors that are common around the main areas of the ship.  For example, when I was on the Fantasy in January, I noticed a lot of green.  You can see it in the photo of the Minnie Mouse statue above.  With that in mind, the colors blue and white are probably going to be common around the Wish.  

There are some really comfy-looking couches to the left of the Cinderella statue, and I hope to sit on them one day.  They were shown in the older rendering, but they look more comfortable in the video.

Looking up on what are probably going to be Deck 4 and Deck 5, the railings appear to have colored glass inserted throughout the design, shown in both the older rendering and the new video.  I don't see any Hidden Mickeys on the railings, but this is just a rendering, so there may be some in the railings of the real Wish.

On Deck 4 directly above the Cinderella statue, there's a large painting of what looks like Cinderella and Prince Charming at a ball.  This art goes well with the colors of the Grand Hall.  There might be another one on the other side, but the grand staircase is in the way.  On the right side of Deck 4, there's a nondescript desk.  It's right in front of a porthole, and it may be either the Future Cruise Planning desk or the Disney Vacation Club desk.  Or, maybe it's the Port Adventures desk.

In the center of Deck 4, it looks like there's an entrance to another area.  This might be the Vista Gallery, since that's where it was on the Dream and Fantasy before they sadly got moved.  Deck 2 just isn't the same as Deck 4.

On Deck 5, there's a pair of doors.  This might be the entrance to the D Lounge or another attraction like the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or the nursery.

It's not shown in the video, but there will likely be a piano in the Grand Hall.  Live music is one of my favorite features of the atriums, and it would be a shame if the Wish's didn't have a piano.

Also not shown is the Grand Hall's chandelier, but we already know what it might look like, thanks to the older rendering.

Earlier in the month, I squeezed a lot of information out of a 39-second video.  This video was 38-seconds and I managed to squeeze even more out of it!  The 3D rendering of the Grand Hall got me thinking:  Does a 3D rendering of the entire ship exist?  It would be so much fun to explore a new ship without having to wait until summer 2022.  Since the Wish's construction is under way, there probably is, along with a physical scale model.  I doubt we'll ever get to see either of those, though.  If we could, it would be amazing, but I think I'd prefer to be surprised on the real thing instead of finding everything in a virtual version.  As we've all learned in 2020, seeing things in person is so much better than on a screen.  Finally, the renderings are not the final design of the Wish, so there may be some minor changes on the real ship.  The Wish is scheduled to launch in summer 2022, and for DCL fans like me, that can't come soon enough!

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  1. You gathered quite a bit of information from a short video! Very impressive and such close attention to details. I had to watch the video again! This might be my favorite ship of them all!!!!!!