Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Wish's Deck Plans Might Be Revealed Soon

While I was working on my last post, I checked the deck plans on the Disney Cruise Line website to make sure the Dream and Fantasy don't have any guest staterooms on Deck 1.  There aren't any on Deck 1, but I found something much more interesting than that.

On the deck plans, there's a box you can click on to change which ship you're looking at.
For example, in this screenshot, I'm looking at the Magic.  If you click on the box, a menu will appear with the names of all of the ships.
There's the Magic, the Wonder, the Dream, the Fantasy, and finder.deck-plans.facet-bar.ship-wish.  Wait a minute, what's a finder.deck-plans.facet-bar.ship-wish?  Could this be the Wish's deck plans?  Did I just find something Disney released on accident?
Wow!  There's nothing here!  Yet.  The fact that the Wish is an option to click on could just be a mistake, or it could mean that Disney is going to release the deck plans for the Wish soon!  Also, if the amount of decks isn't just copied from the Dream or Fantasy as a placeholder, the Wish will have 14 decks!  This makes sense, since the Wish won't be too much larger than the Dream and Fantasy.  On the right side, the shape of the ship appears to be the same as the shape of the Dream and Fantasy.  This doesn't change between the decks, so this won't be accurate.  For some reason, in the center drop-down menu, you can't click on Concierge staterooms.  Don't worry, the Wish is definitely going to have Concierge rooms.  You also can't click on any of the onboard activities.  In addition, the search feature doesn't work.

You're welcome to look through the website on your own.  I can't link directly to the Wish's deck plans, so you'll have to click on the box with the ship names then click "finder.deck-plans.facet-bar.ship-wish".  If you find anything I didn't, please let me know in the comments!

The option to click on the Wish's deck plans probably means that the official deck plans are coming soon.  Would you book a cruise on a ship you know pretty much nothing about?  People have done crazier things.  I think cruises on the Wish will be announced at the same time or shortly after the deck plans are released, and when that happens, I'll have a lot to write about!

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