Wednesday, December 2, 2020

This Really Looks Like the Wish

This morning, Inselvideo posted a new video with an update on the Wish's construction.  This short video shows the inside of the massive building where the Wish will be put together.  More importantly, it shows two small sections of the Wish itself!

The first section, best visible at 13 seconds in, looks like part of what will be the promenade and the decks under it.  On the Dream and Fantasy (the ships the Wish will be the most similar to at launch), the promenade is on Deck 4.  Let's say the top part of this is Deck 4.  It looks like there are three decks below it, so the promenade will probably be on Deck 4 again.  But wait, we can't forget about the "secret" decks below Deck 1!  This section does not appear to have any decks below Deck 1, but that's okay.  Remember the video of the Wish's engine unit from early November?  The section from this video will probably go on top of the engine since it doesn't have any crew decks.

At the top of this section, there are holes in the wall on Deck 4.  They're rectangular, so they could be door frames.  The two on the left have rounded corners, so they may be for something else.  Maybe a mechanism for the lifeboats will go there.  Or, maybe there will be two fancy doors and one normal door.

Now, let's take a look at the second section, best visible at 26 seconds in.  This section has two large portholes on Deck 4.  It also gives us a better view of the portholes on the lower decks.  The portholes on Deck 3 are large, just like on the rest of the ships.  On all of the DCL ships, the portholes are larger on the "interesting" decks, those that have attractions and fun features.  For example, they're big on Deck 3 and Deck 4 because the atrium, restaurants, bars, and shops are located on those decks.  The portholes are smaller on the decks with only staterooms, like Deck 2 and Deck 1.  This continuity is reflected in this section of the Wish.  Deck 2 has the smaller portholes found in oceanview staterooms.  The portholes on Deck 1 are small and in groups of two, just like in the Deck 1 staterooms on the Magic and Wonder (the Dream and Fantasy don't have any guest rooms on Deck 1)!  I'm not sure if the Wish will have guest rooms on Deck 1, but since it'll have the same amount of rooms that the Dream and Fantasy have, I don't think so.  If Deck 1 doesn't have any guest rooms, it should have crew rooms instead.

I'm surprised I managed to get so much writing out of a 39 second video, but I guess I'm just that excited for it.  The Wish isn't actually that far away.  It's almost 2021, and the Wish will probably be completed in the spring of 2022.  But for now, we have to keep watching 39 second videos and try to get as much information out of them as possible!

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