Wednesday, October 14, 2020

For the First Time Ever, All Four Disney Ships are Together!

This is big.  Earlier today, October 14th, the Disney Wonder sailed into the port of Brest, France, where the Magic, Dream and Fantasy were docked.  This is the first time all four of Disney's ships have been in the same place at the same time.  In the eight years since there have been four Disney ships, this is the first time this has happened.  I guess all it took for this to happen was a pandemic.  In May of this year, the Magic, Dream, and Fantasy were in Port Canaveral together, but the Wonder wasn't with them.  Unfortunately, there isn't a good streaming camera like the one in Port Canaveral in Brest, but on, we can see that all four of them are together.

From left to right:  Wonder, Fantasy, Dream, Magic

Since there isn't a good streaming camera, I had to get creative to see what the four ships look like together.  I found an Instagram post from Dave Krijgsman, an officer currently on the Dream.  He took a picture from the top of the Dream's forward funnel, and the view looks amazing.

I wish I could see them in person, but this picture will have to do.  If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice multiple cranes.  Disney is using the time when cruises are cancelled to renovate them.  Either that or all of the ships are stocking up on croissants and baguettes.  The renovations they're doing now are likely minor, so they're not converting a restaurant or youth club or doing anything big.  

Look at the Dream's pool deck.   The stage by the forward funnel is missing, some of the floors are gone, and at the far left of the image, it looks like there are some large clear plastic tubes.  These must be new AquaDuck tubes.  I've never really thought about it, but the slide's tubes probably get worn down over time from having 600,000 gallons of water run through them every hour it is running.  I've never seen what the pool deck of a ship looks like during a renovation, so this is very interesting.  

But the renovations aren't the point of the picture.  On the left of the Dream is the Magic, on the right is the Fantasy, and on the far right is the Wonder.  I'm not sure how long the ships will be in France together, but they don't appear to be going anywhere soon because of the renovations.  While they're there, Disney needs to take promotional images of all of their ships together.  Maybe Disney will once each ship's renovations are complete.  They need their ships to be ship shape in their advertisements.  If they don't take any pictures now, they might not ever be able to.  All of the ships may never be in the same place at the same time again, and getting them all together will be harder as the fleet grows with the Wish and the other two ships.

It may not happen again, so let's enjoy this magical time in France.  If the ships have a four way horn battle, I hope someone will be around to film it.  It would be nice if Disney filmed it and posted it on their Disney Parks YouTube Channel.  Come on Disney, it'd be an awesome advertisement!

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  1. Wow!! What a great blog and picture! I would love to hear the horn battle, come on Disney do it!!