Saturday, October 24, 2020

Someone Made a Video of the Four Ships in France!

Earlier this month, all four of Disney's cruise ships were together for the first time ever.  From the pictures I saw, it was amazing.  I kept wishing I could get a better look, though.

Fortunately, someone knew people like me would want to see more of the ships from that day in France.  The YouTube user _cruise_ships posted the above video.  The video has beautiful footage of the ships from multiple angles, including from above.  When the camera was above the ships, it shows the Magic out of the water.  It's a little strange to look at, because I'm so used to seeing the ships in the water.  The video gave a glimpse at the ship's hull, something Disney doesn't usually show.  Hey, maybe that's why Disney didn't do anything special to celebrate this special occasion.  It's possible they don't want people seeing the part of the Magic that's usually submerged.  Even with that, they should've at least acknowledged to the public that the ships were together.  Well, it wasn't Disney, but I'm glad someone decided to take advantage of that day.  

From above, something's up with the Dream.  In the video's thumbnail or 1 minute and 17 seconds in, take a look at Vibe, in the front of the ship.  See the gray section with Mickey Mouse on it?  That isn't usually there.  Also, it isn't on the Fantasy.  It's not a cover for the outdoor section of Vibe, since it's behind that area.  It might be a cover for the area behind Vibe while the Dream is being worked on.  Or, it could be a new decoration, but if so, why is it gray?  The area around it is white, so the gray doesn't look right.  I doubt this, though, because Disney probably would've said something about a change to the Dream.  I'm guessing it's just for protection.

Another thing the video succeeds at is emphasizing the size difference between the smaller Magic-class ships and the much larger Dream-class ships.  If you look at the Magic or Wonder alone, they look very large.

But, compare them to the Dream and Fantasy in the video.  Not so huge now, are they?  It's funny, they actually look small.  The Disney Wish is only going to be a little bigger than the Dream-class ships, so the size difference won't be nearly as dramatic as the difference between the current ships.  As a result, it'll likely be difficult to tell the Dream-class ships apart from the Triton-class (what Disney is calling the Wish and the other two new ships) ships.

I also loved the time-lapse portions of the video.  Seeing the brightly-lit Wonder glide smoothly into port at night was fantastic.  They didn't need all of those lights on, since there weren't any guests.  I guess they just wanted to celebrate.  What do you think was playing on Funnel Vision?  It was definitely on.  I bet it was playing Ratatouille since the ships were in France.

Sadly, this video doesn't have any audio, just some background music.  I doubt we'll ever know if there was a four way horn battle.  The ships were only together in France for a day, because the Wonder left and sailed to Dover, in the UK.  If Disney ever decides to get all of their ships together again, I hope it's under better circumstances.  Maybe then they'll have that horn battle.

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